Tristan of Lower Columbia

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King Tristan
King of Lower Columbia
Royal portrait of King Tristan
Lower Columbia (1881-1901)
Reign 9 September 1881 – 30 April 1901
Coronation 9 October 1881
Predecessor Brandon II
Successor Michael II
Spouse Queen Emily Macquairie
Michael II
and three others
Full name
Tristan Bernard Hart
Royal house House of Hart
Father Brian Hart
Mother Michelle Hart
Born April 14, 1835
Astoria, Pacifica
Died April 30, 1901(1901-04-30) (aged 66)
Pacific Palace
Burial May 12, 1901
Royal Mausoleum, Kendall
Religion Christian (Methodist)

Tristan of Lower Columbia, formally His Majesty, King Tristan, was the tenth monarch of the Federal Kingdom of Lower Columbia, and the third to be elected to the throne. As such, he was also the founder of Lower Columbia's third royal house, the house of Hart, which takes its name from King Tristan's surname. Tristan's descendants have ruled Lower Columbia ever since his election; the current king, King Zachary, is Tristan's great-great-grandson.

King Tristan is best remembered for his zeal for territorial expansion. In the first decade of his reign, he married his son to the reigning princess of Saint Catherine to unite their two realms, and he conquered most of the Federal Republic of Gudland, which had long been Lower Columbia's nearest neighbor.

Early life

Early adulthood


Election to Parliament

Early reign

Election to the throne

Territorial gains

Union with Saint Catherine

Conquest of Gudland

Attempted invasion of Mainland

Later reign

Government troubles following the annexation of Gudland

Second Purification