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This page lists a number of handy infobox templates for use with your articles. Depending on what you are doing, you may need to use one of these infoboxes as kind of a facts-in-brief. Do not add any templates. New templates will be added upon request and dependent upon complexity.

For detailed help with these templates, including instructions on what to put where, visit the corresponding Wikipedia page.


Special templates

{{Template:Under construction}}

 : Use for under construction pages


For French style wineries
Template:Infobox French winery

For Countries
Template:Infobox country

For States, Provinces, Territories, Districts or Cities
Template:Infobox settlement

For Regions, Provinces, Territories and other sub-divisions
Template:Infobox region

For Geopolitical organizations
Template:Infobox Geopolitical Organization

For Country Demographics
Template:Infobox country demographics

Template:Largest Cities

Template:Infobox former country

Template:Infobox treaty

Template:Infobox Global Region

Template:Infobox high court


For Stadiums
Template:Infobox Stadium

For Shopping Malls
Template:Infobox shopping mall

For Hotels/Hostels
Template:Infobox hostel

For Mines Template:Infobox mine


For Currencies
Template:Infobox currency

For Companies
Template:Infobox company

For Organizations
Template:Infobox organization

For National economies

For Stock Exchanges

For Subnational Economies
Template:Infobox subnational economy

For interbank networks
Template:Infobox interbank network


For Architectural Practices
Template:Infobox architectural practice

For Companies
Template:Infobox company

For online/dot com companies
Template:Infobox dot-com company

For Manufacturing Companies
Template:Infobox manufacturing company

For an Online Music Service
Template:Infobox online music service


For Political Posts (eg: President)
Template:Infobox political post

For Office Holders
Template:Infobox officeholder

For Space Agency
Template:Infobox Space Agency

For Summarising information about a country's military and armed forces.
Template:Infobox national military

Template:Infobox political party
For National Simlympic/Olympic Committiees.
Template:Infobox National Simlympic Committee


For People
Template:Infobox person

For Criminals
Template:Infobox criminal

For AIN Ten Most Wanted
Template:Infobox AIN Ten Most Wanted

For Manners of Address
Template:Infobox manner of address


For Simylmpic Games
Template:Infobox Simylmpic Games

For AIN Games
Template:Infobox AIN Games

For holidays
Template:Infobox holiday

For Military Conflicts
Template:Infobox military conflict

For Court Cases
Template:Infobox court case

For AINVision
Template:AINVision Article Banner
Template:Infobox AINVision

Disasters/incidents and occurrences

For Famines
Template:Infobox famine

For Aircraft Accidents Infobox
Template:Infobox aircraft occurrence

For Air Accidents Lists
Template:Aviation accidents and incidents
Template:Aviation accidents and incidents in 2012
Template:Aviation accidents and incidents in 2013

For Civilian attacks
Template:Infobox civilian attack


For Languages of X
Template:Infobox country languages

For a Language
Template:Infobox language


For Members of a Royal Family
Template:Infobox royalty

For Royal Styles
Template:Infobox Royal styles

For Royal Houses/Families
Template:Infobox royal house


For Airlines
Template:Infobox airline

For Airports
Template:Infobox airport

For Aircraft
Template:Infobox Aircraft

For Airport Destination Lists

For Train Infoboxes
Template:Infobox train
For Railway/Metro Stations
Template:Infobox station

For Railway/Metro Lines
Template:Infobox rail line

For Roads and Highways
Template:Infobox road

For Ports
Template:Infobox port

For Public Transit
Template:Infobox public transit

For Engines
Template:Infobox Engine

For Automobiles
Template:Infobox Automobile


For Police Departments
Template:Infobox law enforcement agency

For Fire Departments
Template:Infobox fire department

For Ambulance Services
Template:Infobox ambulance company

For Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard
Template:Infobox military unit

For Law Firms
Template:Infobox law firm

Power Plants

For Nuclear Power Plant
Template:Infobox Nuclear Power Plant


For Racing Drivers
Template:Infobox racing driver

For Racing Teams
Template:Infobox racing team


For Climate Charts
Template:Climate chart


For Users
Template:Infobox User

For Language
Template:Infobox language


Template:Infobox political party/seats