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William III of Cattala

25 June

26 June

1845: The future King David II of Lower Columbia marries Mary Hurst in the Chapel Royal at Kendall Palace.

27 June

1887: North Fraser is admitted as the 14th state of Lower Columbia.

28 June

1919: The Treaty of Versailles gives the mandate for Neu Westfalen, as well as the island of Avaiki to New Duveland, following Imperial Germany's defeat in World War I.

29 June

1940: Germany and Italy begin their occupation of Cattala.
1884: The future King William III of Cattala (pictured) is born to Prince Roger and Marianne of Damewood at Celestine.

30 June

1928: Fumimaro Shigetaka began his third term as Premier of Teiko
1986: New Duveland adopts it's current constitution.

1 July

1997: Sato Fusaki becomes the first chief executive of Okatabawashi City.


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