Roger, Prince of Amosseri

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Prince Roger Celestine
His Esteemed Grace
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Portrait of Prince Roger
Prince of Amosseri
Reign 1872 - 1905
Prince Amadeus
Successor King William III
Consort Marianne of Damewood
King William III
House House of Celestine
Born 15 July 1845
Died 22 February 1905
Victoria Palace
Burial 1 March 1905
Celestine Cathedral
Religion Church of Cattala

Prince Roger of Amosseri was a claimant to the deposed Kingdom of Cattala as the first grandson of King Harold. He was the father of King William III, who would reclaim the kingship in the Cattalian War of Independence in 1917-18. His reign over the Principality of Celestine was noted for the introduction of civilian government, and the formal establishment of the Celestinian Army, under the Treaty of Montebeau.

Early Life

Italian Invasion

Duke of Celestine


Treaty of Montebeau

Death and Legacy