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Motto: Juxta mare prosperabimus
Latin: By the sea we shall prosper
Map of Lower Columbia with Puget highlighted
Capital Seattle
Largest city Seattle
Largest metro Seattle–Tacoma metropolitan area
Official languages English, French, Swedish
Demonym Pugetese
Type Constitutional monarchy
Viceroy Martin St. John
Premier Albert Frère (C)
Legislature Puget Commonwealth Assembly
Federal representation (in Lower Columbian Parliament)
Assembly delegation 70 of 512 (13.7%)
30 Conservatives, 28 Libertarians, 5 Progressives, 2 Republicans, 2 Firsties, 1 Green, 1 Worker, 1 independent (List)
Before statehood Province of Puget
Commonwealth of Rainier
Date of statehood  5 July 1887 (15th)
Area  Ranked 11th
Total 17,720.44 sq mi (45,896 km2)
Land 15,876.8 sq mi (41,121 km2)
Water (%) 1,843.64 sq mi (4,775 km2) (10.4%)
Population  Ranked 2nd
Total (2010) 6,952,838
Density (2010) 437.92 /sq mi (170 /km2)
GDP  Ranked 2nd
Total (2010) ₡174.759 billion
($330.295 billion)
Per capita ₡25,135 ($47,505) (4th)
Postal PU
Time zone PST (UTC-8)
Postal code prefix G
Commonwealth flower
Commonwealth tree Douglas fir
Commonwealth animal Grizzly bear
Website www.puget.gov.lc

Puget, officially the Commonwealth of Puget, is a federal state of the Federal Kingdom of Lower Columbia. Located in the west of the country, on Puget Sound, it borders South Fraser on the north, Nicholasia on the east, Oregonia and Willamette on the south, and Pacifica and Olympus on the west.


Admission to Lower Columbia

Uniquely among all Lower Columbian states, Puget was formed from two separate entities: the Commonwealth of Rainier, which was already a state at the time and whose state assembly consented to the merger, and the Province of Puget, which was formerly part of the Federal Republic of Gudland. This unusual origin was the result of a concession which the provincial government of Puget demanded from the federal government in Vancouver as a condition of its accepting the treaty of annexation by which all of Gudland's territory was to be ceded to Lower Columbia. The diplomats whom King Tristan sent to Vancouver to negotiate the terms of the treaty were skeptical that the state government in Kristborg would consent to the proposed lerger; however, the state government of Rainier was facing a budget crisis due in part to the Gudland War's effects on state revenues and infrastructure, and they seized on the perceived opportunity to rebuild Rainier's economy at Puget's expense.



Representation in Parliament

Puget's delegation in the Federal Assembly is the most politically diverse of all the states, as it is the only state to have members of all seven national political parties in the Assembly. It is also the only state with an independent member of Parliament, Assemblyman Jonas Coddison. In total, Puget has 70 Assemblymen, more than any state excapt Willamette.