Principality of Saint Catherine

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Principality of Saint Catherine
Княжество Святой Екатерины
Knjazhestvo Svjatoj Ekateriny


Можем ли мы процветать
Russian: May we prosper
Capital Yekateringrad
Languages Russian
Religion Russian Orthodox Christianity
Government Monarchy
 -  1805–1826 Alexander
 -  1826–1842 Nicholas I
 -  1842–1869 Vasily
 -  1869–1881 Nicholas II
 -  1881–1883 Elena
Legislature Duma of Saint Catherine
 -  Colonization (by Russia) 1768
 -  Independence 25 October 1805
 -  Treaty of Yekateringrad 13 November 1883
 -  1820 10,181.24 km² (3,931 sq mi)
 -  1820 est. 18,726 
     Density 1.8 /km²  (4.8 /sq mi)
 -  1880 est. 57,321 
     Density 5.6 /km²  (14.6 /sq mi)
Currency Catherinite ruble
Today part of  Lower Columbia

The Principality of Saint Catherine was a monarchy in the Pacific Northwest of North America that existed between 1805 and 1883. Originally a Russian colony, it gained independence in 1805 and became a principality.

While Saint Catherine prospered from regional trade, it became increasingly difficult to raise funds for the upkeep of the country as neighboring countries' shipping technology advanced, leading to a decline in foreign trade. In addition, the views of the populace made its last monarch, Princess Elena, unpopular, leading her to seek a marriage with a foreign royal. She succeeded and married the future King Michael II of Lower Columbia, in the process uniting her realm with that of her father-in-law, King Tristan, and ending Saint Catherine's independent existence. Since the passage of the Treaty of Yekateringrad, the principality has been a state of Lower Columbia.