Prime Minister of Arriola

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Prime Minister of the Aranese Community
Primer ministre de la comunitat de l'aranès
Royal Coat of Arms of Arriola.png
Arms of the Aranese Community
Rubèn Sampietr

since 10 April 2018
Style Excellentíssim Senyor
Member of Cabinet of Arriola
Reports to General Junta
Residence Palau de la Generalitat de Arriola, Barcelona
Appointer General Junta
Term length Infinite
Constituting instrument Constitution of Arriola
Precursor Premier of Aetolia
Deputy Deputy Prime Minister of Arriola
Salary €70,023.52 (2015)
Aranese Community
Flag of the Aranese Community

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The Prime Minister of Arriola (Catalan: Primer ministre de la comunitat de l'aranès) is Arriola's head of government consequent on being the leader of the party or coalition with majority support in the General Junta. Since 10 April 2018, the Prime Minister has been Rubèn Sampietr of the En Comú Podem alliance.