Oriental Airways

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Oriental Airways
Founded 1962
Commenced operations 1962
Frequent-flyer program Oriental Airways Club
Airport lounge Kempo
Alliance Horizons
Fleet size 177 (mainline only)
52 (Regional)
Destinations 85 (mainline only)
82 (Regional)
Company slogan The World at your doorstep.
Parent company Oriental Okataian Holdings
Key people
  • Sato Anmo, Yuko Joo
  • Revenue 11px-Increase2.svg.pngUS$ 35.755 billion (2010)
    Operating income 11px-Increase2.svg.pngUS$ 4.217 billion (2010)
    Net income 11px-Increase2.svg.pngUS$ 602 million (2010)
    Total assets 11px-Increase2.svg.pngUS$ 52.188 billion (2010)
    Total equity 11px-Increase2.svg.pngUS$ 897 million (2010)
    Website http://www.orientalairways.com/

    Oriental Airways Co., Ltd. (오리엔탈 항공), operating as Oriental Airways, is the largest airline and flag carrier of Oka based on fleet size, international destinations and international flights. The airline's global headquarters are located in Oka City. The Airline was founded as the Okataian National Airlines (ONA) in 1946. After several years of service and expansion, the airline was fully privatized in 1969.

    Oriental Airways's international passenger division and related subsidiary cargo division together serve 127 cities in 44 countries, while its domestic division serves 12 destinations. It is among the top 20 airlines in the world in terms of passengers carried and is also the top-ranked international cargo airline. Oka City International Airport serves as Oriental Airways's international hub. Oriental Airways also maintains a satellite headquarters campus at Renagawa. The majority of Oriental Airway's pilots, ground staff, and flight attendants are based in Oka City.

    Oriental Airways is the parent company of Koun Air and is an instigator and founding member of Horizons. It was voted Asia's best airline by Business Traveler readers in 2016.


    Oriental Airways was founded by the Okataian government in 1962 as Oriental Airways to replace Okataian National Airlines, which was founded in 1946. On 1 March 1962, Oriental Okataian Holdings took control of the airline. Long-haul freight operations were introduced on 26 April 1971, followed by passenger services to Los Angeles International Airport on 19 April 1972.

    International flights to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Los Angeles were flown with Boeing 707s until the introduction of the Boeing 747 in 1973. In 1973, the airline introduced Boeing 747s on its Pacific routes and started a European service to Paris, France using the 707 and then McDonnell Douglas DC-10. In 1975, the airline became one of the earliest Asian airlines to operate Airbus aircraft with the purchase of three Airbus A300s, which were put into immediate service on Asian routes. Since Okataian aircraft were prohibited from flying in Soviet Union and North Korea airspace at the time, the European routes had to be designed eastbound, such as Oka City-Anchorage-Paris.

    Airline Operations

    Oriental Airways main global headquarters campus, the Oriental Airways Operations Center (대한항공 빌딩), is located in the Oishi District in Oka City. Oriental Airways also maintains a domestic office campus at Renagawa International Airport. The maintenance facilities are located in Tengoku International Airport.

    The airline had approximately 20,540 employees as of December 2014.

    Aviation business related operations, divisions, and subsidiaries

    • Koun Air - Opened in 1990.
    • Oriental Express - Handles small domestic flights in Taiwan, Oka, Teiko, Nakama.
    • Oriental Airways Holding Group - A conglomerate of companies, mainly contracting under Oriental Airways.
    • Oriental Airways Prenium Jet - A charter jet program

    Defunct airline brands owned by Oriental Airways

    • Koosei Jet Airways - Based in Tengoku the airline was bought by Ryuchoo Airlines after it filed bankruptcy in 1998. The airline is currently re-branded and flies flights from Shiwan Intenational Airport


    A new advert focusing on the founding of Horizons.
    2016 Livery.

    Traditionally Oriental Airways fuselage were in a distinct yellow with a dark blue line, former CEO Naoto Ota was fired for being unable to address the airlines identity problems in which it was criticized for being unfashionable.

    In 2016 Sato Anmo became the new Chief Executive of Oriental Airways, his main goals were to rehaul the company's image by focusing on a glocal concet and completely redesigned the livery and advertising schemes. The traditionnal yellow body was ditched in favor of a more contemporary design. The current fuselage design is by german designer Otto Denzlingen.

    In 2016 Dior designed new uniforms for the airline staff emphasizing on a globally local aesthetic mixing classic dressing with Okataian Shimpo dresses and cotton weaving


    As of September 2017, the Oriental Airways fleet consists of the following aircraft

    Oriental Airways fleet
    Aircraft In service Orders Passengers Notes
    F C Y Total
    Airbus A321neo 30 TBA Order includes A321LR
    Delivery will begins from 2019 to 2025.
    Airbus A330-200 8 6 24 188 218 One in a special livery
    Airbus A330-300 21 6 18 248 272
    252 276
    Airbus A380-800 10 12 94 293 399
    301 407
    Boeing 737-800 17 12 126 138 Two in Horizons livery
    135 147
    Boeing 737-900 16 8 180 188
    Boeing 737-900ER 6 12 147 159
    Boeing 737 MAX 8 30 TBA 30 purchase rights; deliveries from 2017.
    Boeing 747-400 3 12 45 306 363 To be phased out by early 2018.
    12 45 308 365
    12 24 368 404
    Boeing 747-8 10 6 48 314 368 Deliveries from August 2015.
    Boeing 777-200ER 14 8
    212 248
    8 28 225 261
    Boeing 777-300 4 6 35 297 338
    Boeing 777-300ER 22 8 8 42 227 277 One in Sakura Blossom livery
    8 56 227 291
    Boeing 787-8 1 TBA Will be used as a Government VIP jet
    Boeing 787-9 4 6 6 18 245 269 Deliveries: 5 in 2017+ 5 in 2019.
    Bombardier CS300 10 TBA Order with 10 options and 10 purchase rights. Delivery will start from 2017.
    Oriental Airways Air Cargo fleet
    Boeing 747-400ERF 5 Cargo Three are currently stored
    Boeing 747-400F 6 Cargo Five are currently stored.
    Boeing 747-8F 7 Cargo
    Boeing 777F 11 1 Cargo
    Oriental Airways Executive fleet
    Boeing BBJ1 2 16-28 Used for business charter services.
    Bombardier Global Express|Bombardier Global Express XRS 2 13 Used for business charter services.
    Eurocopter EC135 5 5 Used for air ambulance services
    Gulfstream G-IV 1 8-12 Used for company executive transport services.
    Gulfstream G650ER 1 12 Used for business charter services.
    Sikorsky S-76+ 1 6 Used for business charter services.
    Total 177 85


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