North Fraser

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North Fraser
Motto: Ex corde sincero diligamus nos
Latin: Let us love one another with a sincere heart
Map of Lower Columbia with North Fraser highlighted
Capital Bella Coola
Largest city Bella Coola
Largest metro Bella Coola metropolitan area
Official languages English, French, Swedish
Demonym North Fraserite
Type Constitutional monarchy
Viceroy Tor Skandheim
Premier Saul McKinney (L)
Legislature North Fraser Assembly
Federal representation (in Lower Columbian Parliament)
Assembly delegation 10 of 512 (2%)
5 Libertarians, 2 Conservatives, 2 Progressives, 1 Republican (List)
Before statehood Province of North Fraser
Date of statehood  27 June 1887 (14th)
Area  Ranked 5th
Total 49,918.41 sq mi (129,288 km2)
Land 49,878.25 sq mi (129,184 km2)
Water (%) 40.16 sq mi (104 km2) (0.1%)
Population  Ranked 14th
Total (2010) 1,003,945
Density (2010) 20.13 /sq mi (7.8 /km2)
GDP  Ranked 13th
Total (2010) ₡23.355 billion
($44.14 billion)
Per capita ₡23,263
($43,967) (10th)
Postal NF
Time zone PST (UTC-8)
Postal code prefix R
Commonwealth flower
Commonwealth tree
Commonwealth animal

North Fraser is a state of the Federal Kingdom of Lower Columbia. Situated in the northwest of the country, it shares land borders with South Fraser to the south and Upper Columbia to the east, as well as the Canadian province of British Columbia to the north. The state of Saint Catherine lies to the west, across the Hecate Strait.




Map of North Fraser's parliamentary constituencies, color-coded by the incumbent's party

Federal representation

North Fraser has ten seats in the Federal Assembly, the same number as Olympus and ahead of only Vancouver Island and Saint Catherine. Since the 2011 general election, they have been held by five Libertarians, two Conservatives, two Progressives, and one Republican.