Michael I of Lower Columbia

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King Michael I
King of Lower Columbia
King of Upper Columbia
Royal portrait of King Michael I
Lower Columbia (1793-1799)
Reign 8 August 1793 – 17 October 1799
Coronation 22 December 1793
Predecessor Nicholas
Successor Brandon I
Upper Columbia (1799-1828)
Reign 1 December 1799 – 31 October 1828
Coronation 1 December 1799
Successor Michael II
Spouse Queen Justine Visby
Michael II
and three others
Full name
Michael Nicholas Jacques du Loup
Royal house House of du Loup
Father King Nicholas
Mother Queen Helena
Born February 18, 1765
Kendall Palace, Kendall
Died October 31, 1828(1828-10-31) (aged 63)
Michaelburg Palace, Michaelburg, Upper Columbia
Burial November 9, 1828
Grounds of Michaelburg Palace
Religion Christian

Michael I of Lower Columbia, formally His Majesty, King Michael during his lifetime, was the fifth monarch of the Federal Kingdom of Lower Columbia, and the first monarch of the Kingdom of Upper Columbia. He was the last monarch of Lower Columbia's first royal house, the house of du Loup, which was founded by Michael's great-great-grandfather, King Edward. Reclusive for much of his reign, Michael I attracted a great deal of criticism in his last few years on the Lower Columbian throne due to his economically destructive policies, as well as his attempts to silence his critics by criminalizing lèse-majesté. Consequently, he became the only Lower Columbian monarch to be exiled by Parliament. His decidedly poor reputation in Lower Columbian history earned him the nickname Michael the Terrible.

Early life

Early adulthood


Reign in Lower Columbia

Constitutional crisis

Reign in Upper Columbia