Michael II of Lower Columbia

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King Michael II
King of Lower Columbia and Prince of Saint Catherine
Royal portrait of King Michael II
Lower Columbia (1901-1949)
Reign 30 April 1901 – 5 August 1949
Coronation 22 August 1901
Predecessor Tristan
Successor Michael III
Spouse Princess Elena of Saint Catherine (later Queen Elena)
Michael III
and two daughters
Full name
Michael Charles Hart
Posthumous name
Michael the Great
Royal house House of Hart
Father Tristan
Mother Queen Emily
Born October 20, 1863
Astoria, Pacifica
Died August 5, 1949(1949-08-05) (aged 85)
Kendall Palace
Burial August 19, 1949
Royal Mausoleum, Kendall
Religion Christian (Assemblies of God)

Michael II of Lower Columbia, formally His Majesty, King Michael II, was the eleventh King of the Federal Kingdom of Lower Columbia, and the second monarch of that country from the House of Hart. He was also the first Lower Columbian royal to marry a foreign royal, a marriage that resulted in the incorporation of the Principality of Saint Catherine into the kingdom, as well as the creation of the only other hereditary title in Lower Columbia (to this day, the Prince of Saint Catherine is always the king's eldest son).

Michael II is widely considered Lower Columbia's greatest monarch ever, to the extent that he is often called "Michael the Great", due mainly to his efforts to restore friendly relations with the United Republic of Illu'a, his reassuring leadership during World War II, and the economic reforms he made late in his reign. He is also remembered as a great humanitarian, philanthropist, and sponsor of the arts; many of the theatres, schools, and housing estates which he founded during his reign now bear his name.

Early life

Marriage to Princess Elena

Early reign

Prairie War

Diplomacy with Illu'a

Pacific Exposition

Leadership during the Great Depression

World War II

Later life