Michael III of Lower Columbia

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King Michael III
King of Lower Columbia
Royal portrait of King Michael III
Lower Columbia (1949-1960)
Reign 5 August 1949 – 3 April 1960
Coronation 11 December 1949
Predecessor Michael II
Successor David III
Spouse Martha Kett
David III
and two others
Full name
Michael Elenovitch Hart
Royal house House of Hart
Father Michael II
Mother Queen Elena
Born February 22, 1887
Yekaterindvorets, Yekateringrad, Saint Catherine
Died April 3, 1960(1960-04-03) (aged 73)
Seattle Palace, Seattle, Puget
Burial March 13, 1960
Royal Mausoleum, Kendall
Religion Christian (Assemblies of God)

Michael III of Lower Columbia, formally His Majesty, King Michael III, was the twelfth King of the Federal Kingdom of Lower Columbia, and the third monarch of that country from the House of Hart. He was also the first Lower Columbian royal to be born to a foreign royal; his mother, the Princess of Saint Catherine, married his father to incorporate her realm into the kingdom. As a result, Michael III was also the first Lower Columbian royal to inherit the only other hereditary title in Lower Columbia (to this day, the Prince of Saint Catherine is always the king's eldest son).

Early life