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Republic of Marquette
Flag of Marquette Coat of arms of Marquette
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: Sovereignty is key to survival
Anthem: Marquette My Home
[[Image:|298px|center|Location of Marquette]]
Largest city
New Chatham
New Chatham
Official language(s) English, French
National language(s)
Ethnic group(s)
Demonym Marquetie
Prime Minister
Parliamentary Republic
Louie Marc Boudreau

March 15, 1820
 • 2013 est.
 • 2010 census
 • Total
 • Per capita
2010 estimate
$99.7 billion
HDI 0.836 – High
Currency Marquetie Dollar (MD)
Drives on the Right
Time zone(s) Eastern Standard Time
Simlympic code none

Marquette officially The Republic of Marquette (French: République de Marquette) is a Parliamentary Republic microstate, United States south, and Canada to the west and north and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. The country is a member of the Alliance of Independent Nations.

The official languages are English and French with 68% of the population English speaking and 30% French speaking.

Marquette has a total area of 35,385 square miles (91,646 km2); and a population of 5.3 million as of the 2010 census, however the majority of the population is concentrated in the southeast part of the country in around Port Charlotte and New Chatham. New Chatham is the capital of the country with most of the federal government being run from here, a few offcies are located in Port Charlotte. Marquette also has a high volume of tourism who come to see its jagged, mostly rocky coastline, its low, rolling mountains, its heavily forested interior and picturesque waterways—as well as for its seafood cuisine, especially lobsters and clams.


Before 1820 Marquette was a part of Massachusetts however tensions rose between the people in both states, with people in Marquette wanting to be seperate from Massaschusetts. The area had been fought over by British and American forces in the American Revolution and War of 1812. Tensions between the people of Marquette and Massachusetts got to be so bad that Massachussetts said they would not help defend any British attacks on Marquette during the War of 1812. In 1820 the Government of Massachussetts then granted Marquette secession from Massachussetts if the citizens wished to seperate (which they did). On March 15, 1820 Marquette and Massachusetts split in two the United States extended an offer to Marquette to become a state in the Union, as the United States was searching for another "free state" to balance its ""slave states" at that time. Marquette declined the offer however feeling they could govern themselves. Soon representatives from all areas of Marquette met in Port Charlotte and drafted the Marquette Doctrine, and set up the Marquette government as a Parliamentary Republic. In 1832 the capital was moved to New Chatham in order for it to be more centrally located. Marquette saw a rise in population in the 1800s as many people came from overseas in search of land, as well as from the United States, Marquette also became a destination for many escaped slaves from the Southern slave states in the United States. During the American civil war in the 1860s Marquette offered to assist the United States federal government in its fight. During this time Marquette's industrialism began and Port Charlotte became a huge weapons producing city, and would send many supplies to the Union troops. In the 1900s the country saw more immigration from the United States with people trying to escape the Great Depression. When World War I broke out in Europe Marquette emerged on the international scene. An estimated 6,000 Marquette Forces members were killed or wounded. Marquette would then be involved in World War II where most Marquette troops were stationed in North Africa.

In 2010 Marquette applied to join the Alliance of Independent Nations, and was accepted. 2010 also saw the election of current Prime Minister Louie Marc Boudreau who was elected after 5 years as mayor of the city of Ste. Frederic.


Marquette is considered to be a Parliamentary Republic. Currently Parliament is split equally between the two main parties in the country with 25 seats held by the MCP (Marquette Conservative Party) and the other 25 seats held by members of the MNLP (Marquette National Liberal Party), making up the total of 50 seats. Although other parties are allowed in government no representatives from other parties were elected nationally. The Prime Minister oversees the Executive branch which includes Parliament and signs new laws into action. The Prime Minister also acts the main dignitary, representing the country on tours and at international summits.

The Marquette Supreme Court handles all apeals from district courts, and acts as a check and balnce to the Executive branch of government, also making sure Parliament doesn't cross its boundries. The Supreme Court has a total of 10 judges that are appointed by the Prime Minister and serve a term for 5 years.

The Citizens rights are protected by the Marquette Doctrine that was signed by government officials at the time of independence. It guarentees the rights that each citizen has. The Doctrine also defines the limits of some branches of the Federal Government, and the basic laws of the country.

The government is divided into different departments that are responsible for daily affairs of various things. These Departments include: Department of Defense and Foreign Affairs, Department of Commerce, Department of Environmental and Energy, Monetary and Economic Department, Department of Transportation, and the Department of Health and Education.


Marquette maintains a standing army of 12,000 active troops, and 3,500 reserve troops. Marquette's troops are mainly used in search and rescue missions. However other duties include peace keeping missions, and protection for visiting and Marquettie dignitaries. Troops are equipped with a C7 Rifle (manufactured in Canada), a Smith and Wesson M&P Pistol, utility knife, and CG634 helmets. There are 3 mechanized divisions in the Army. The MRQ1 Predator Tank is used by the military, the tank is made of lighter weight material which allows for better movement and response.

MRQPredatorTanks.jpg Two MRQ1 Predator Tanks part of Military Day in 2011

The military is made up of three branches of service, the Army, Air Force, and Navy. Controlled by Ground Command, Air Command, and Sea Command. The Navy is currently the recipient of most benefits from the new defense spending bill, that will upgrade and allow for newer ships and equipment in an effort to have a more international presence.

Marquette also has a military agreement with the Cattalian Marino Salvatori where new Seamen and navy personel are trained in more efficient operation and tactics.

MRQShips.jpg Left to Right: MSS. Canadian and MSS. Sunset docked at Raskin Military Docks


Marquetties are crazy about sports and recreation. Due to the temperate climate and location near New England, Quebec, and North Eastern Ontario, both winter and summer sports are popular. In the winter sports fan take to the ice arenas to watch ice hockey and curling. The national hockey team is greatly supported, in fact over 6,700 fans traveled to thier first AIN competition in Linktoria. The MPHL (Marquette Prospects Hockey League) is a Major Junior hockey league in the country with 10 teams, players range from ages 16-20 and is widely popular but is second to the NHL. Port Charlotte is home to the Port Charlotte Pirates of the AHL who are currently the top affiliate of the Pheonix Coyotes. Indoor Lacrosse, and Figure Skating round out the most popular winter sports.

In the summer, baseball recieves all the sports attention. The Port Charlotte Seadogs play at Hadlock Field in Port Charlotte and are the current AA affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. However Marquette boasts the Intercity League Baseball which is comprised of 14 teams from around the country, the league is independent and would be classified as an A-level league.

MICA (Marquette Intercollegiant Athletics) is the governing body for all college sports in the country. Currently MICA is sponsors sports at levels D1-D3. However only ice hockey is sponsored at the D1 level. In total 34 colleges and universities are members of MICA.