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The Compromise of 1839 officially known as the Act on the Sovereignty of Carolina and the Existence of Slavery Within the Freigan Empire was an act passed in the Freigan Legislature in response to the Nashville Convention. The Compromise legislation was first drafted by prominent members of the Legislature, before John C. Calhoun of South Carolina and Maximin Dubois of Alabama were invited to Syt in order to represent Carolina's view on the legislation. The resulting legislation became known as the Freedom Compromise but later adapted it's name as the Compromise of 1839 by many historians. While the compromise was able to relieve conflict over the issue of slavery, it was scorned by many Freigan's as being inhumane.


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Did you know...

  • ...that 76% of New Duvelanders live in a Provincial or territorial capital?
  • ...that Queen Elizabeth is the head of state of 3 union members?
  • ...that Neu Westfalen and Indonesia went to war over the Spira Islands in 1989?
  • ...that the constitution of Mikenstein took 12 years to write and agree on after independence?
  • ...that Lower Columbia has no laws regulating marriage?
  • ...that all of Balaton’s national football team members play in leagues other than their domestic one?

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8 May

1913: Calgariana becomes the 15th state of Lower Columbia.

11 May

1951: Cattala gains independence from the United Kingdom.
1887: The siege of Vancouver, the capital of Gudland, begins after the city of Richmond falls to Lower Columbian troops.


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