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Map of the largest cities in Teiko

This is a list of cities in Teiko, sorted alphabetically. The list is also sortable by region, prefecture, population, area and density.

Most large cities in Teiko are cities designated by government ordinance. Some regionally important cities are designated as core cities.

Kaijo and Rakuzan are not included on this list, as the Cities of Kaijo and Rakuzan ceased to exist on 1975 and 2001 respectively. Kaijo now exists as a special "metropolis" prefecture (都 to), with 20 "special" wards (with the same status of city) making up the former boundaries of the former city in the eastern half of the prefecture while Rakuzan is made up of 10 "special" wards.


Name Japanese No.
    city designated by government ordinance 政令指定都市 6
    core city 中核市 5
    special city 特例市 2
    city 4
    special wards of Kaijo 特別区 20
    special wards of Rakuzan 特別区 10
Name Japanese Region Prefecture Population Area Density
Abiki 網引市 Southern Teiko Takezaki 150,621 237.32 634.67
Akamayu 赤真夕市 Southern Teiko Johto 715,321 547.05 1,307.60
Amagasaki 尼崎市 Northern Teiko Hanji 149,931 196.85 761.65
Aokise 青黄瀬市 Northern Teiko Kamizaki 512,654 382.32 1,340.90
Aokuro 青黒市 Northern Teiko Seirin 946,993 502.39 1,884.96
Asahi 旭市 Southern Teiko Takezaki 146,212 120.48 1,213.58
Beika 花米市 Northern Teiko Kamizaki 1,865,421 603.10 3,093.05
Dojimazaki 土字間崎市 Northern Teiko Fukuyama 665,120 455.89 1,458.95
Hamada 濵田市 Northern Teiko Kyosen 366,129 758.90 482.45
Hirosaki 弘前市 Northern Teiko Kyosen 116,796 195.78 596.57
Ichikawa 市川市 Southern Teiko Takezaki 248,785 283.00 879.10
Kanazawa 金沢市 Southern Teiko Takezaki 596,174 286.96 2,077.55
Kumamoto 熊本市 Southern Teiko Johto 176,521 161.86 1,090.58
Miyama (美山市 Southern Teiko Takezaki 132,120 110.01 1,200.98
Shizuoka 静岡市 Southern Teiko Takezaki 301,525 236.52 1,274.8
Tokorozawa 所沢市 Northern Teiko Hanji 226,123 857.03 263.84
Towada 十和田市 Northern Teiko Fukuyama 158,380 252.66 626.85

Note: Area is in sq. km and density is in persons per sq. km.

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