Kendall Palace

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Kendall Palace
General information
Town or city Kendall
Country Lower Columbia
Construction started 1716
Completed 1729
Opening 1730
Design and construction
Owner Government of Lower Columbia

Kendall Palace is the official residence of the royal family of Lower Columbia. Located in the Lower Columbian capital of Kendall, it is among the oldest buildings in the city, as well as the second-oldest royal residence in the country (after Du Loup House in Nyhaven, which predates the monarchy).



Later renovations

The palace

Chapel Royal

Chapel Royal, exterior

Kendall Palace contains a private chapel, known as the Chapel Royal. The royal family has often attended private Sunday services in it, and many princes and princesses have held private weddings in it. Among the royalty to get married in the Chapel Royal are three past kings: Michael I, David II, and Michael III.

Palace grounds

Public access