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Type Airline Alliance
Founded 1 October 2017
Headquarters Oka City, Oka
Key people Sato Anmo, Temporary CEO
Services Airlines
Website Horizons.com

Horizons is one of the world's newest global airline alliances. Founded on the 1st of October 2017, its current CEO is Sato Anmo and its headquarters is located in Oka City, Oka. As of October 2017, Horizons is the largest AIN global alliance by passenger count with over 200 million, ahead of it's smaller rival AeroSky. Its slogan is "New Horizons".

Horizons 10 member airlines operate a fleet of approximately 1280 aircrafts, serve more than 400 airports in 120 countries and carry 224.1 million passengers per year on more than 6,500 daily departures. The alliance has a two-tier rewards program, Silver and Gold, with incentives including priority boarding and upgrades. Like other airline alliances, Horizons share airport terminals (known as co-location) and some member planes are painted in the alliance's livery.

Members and Affiliates

Nation Member airline Joined Fleet Size Member affiliates Non-member affiliates
Oka Oka Oriental Airways 1 October 2017 177  Oka Oriental Express  Oka Koun Air
Teiko Teiko Teiko Airlines 1 October 2017 146 N/A N/A
Kingston and Boyce Kingston and Boyce Maple Skies 1 October 2017 82 N/A N/A
Balaton Balaton Huszár Légit 1 October 2017 21 N/A N/A
Acadia Acadia Crown Air 1 October 2017 89 N/A N/A
Neu Westfalen Neu Westfalen AeroWestfalica 1 October 2017 105 N/A N/A
New Duveland New Duveland Lapérouse Airlines 1 October 2017 78 N/A N/A
New Duveland New Duveland Air New Duveland 1 October 2017 190 N/A N/A
Siculia Siculia Siculia Airlines 1 October 2017 121 N/A N/A
Jarraban Jarraban Jarraban Airways 1 October 2017 125 N/A N/A

Member Hubs

Member airline Hubs Co-Location IATA Exceptions
Balaton Huszár Légit István Bibó Airport GYO
Kingston and Boyce Maple Skies Port Ruppert Tim Holtkamp Airport Terminal B KPR
Oka Oriental Airways Oka City International Airport
Renagawa International Airport
Terminal 1
Terminal B
Koun Air
Siculia Siculia Airlines Intercontinental Airport of San Foca
International Airport of Nova Taranto
International Airport of Tropea
International Airport of Cerignola di Lecce
Terminal B
Terminal 2
Terminal A
Terminal 1
Teiko Teiko Airlines Shouzo Nijimura International Airport Terminal A
Terminal B

Mileage Programs

Horizons has two premium levels (Silver and Gold), based on a customer's status in a member's frequent-flyer program. Member and regional airlines recognize Star Silver and Gold status. Membership is based on the frequent-flyer programs of the individual airlines. Many members have a premium status beyond Gold, which is not systematically recognized by the alliance.

Oriental Airways lounge 'Kempo' in Oka City International Airport.

Silver Horizon

Silver Horizon status is given to customers who have reached a premium level of a member carrier's frequent-flyer program. Benefits are priority reservation wait-listing and airport stand-by. Some airlines also offer priority airport check-in, baggage handling and boarding; preferred seating; an additional checked-luggage allowance, and waived fees for two checked bags.

Golden Horizon

Golden Horizon status is given to customers who have reached a higher level of a member airline's frequent-flyer program. Benefits are priority reservations wait-listing, airport stand-by and check-in and baggage handling; an additional checked luggage allowance of 20 kg (or one extra piece, where the piece rule applies), and access to designated Golden Horizon lounges the day and place of departure with the presentation of a Star Alliance boarding pass. Some airlines also offer preferred seating (an exit seat or a special section of the plane); guaranteed seating on fully booked flights, subject to the booking class code and notice period, and free upgrades in the form of a voucher, certificate or automatic upgrade at check-in.

Member airline Mileage program Silver Horizon
(qualifying tiers)
Golden Horizon
(qualifying tiers)
Balaton Huszár Légit Duna Klúb Duna Diplomata Duna Kiváló
Oka Oriental Airways Oriental Airways Club Frequent Flyer Senator
Siculia Siculia Airlines Siculia Airlines Club MilleMiglia Freccia Premium