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Hiigaran United Confederacy
Хиигарская Единая Конфедерация
Motto: "Единство, мир, сажук"
(Unity, Peace, Sajuuk)
Anthem: "Песня брата"
(Brother Song)
Largest city Kartoba
Official language(s) Russian
Mongolian Hijaran
Ethnic groups  Albionians
Lesov Hijarans
Tatar Hijarans
Demonym Hiigaran
Government Confederacy
 -  Prime Minister Sergey Parkhomenko
Legislature Confederate Assembly
 -  Upper house Council of 16
 -  Lower house State Duma
 -  Gathering of Founding States 21 August 1952 
 -  2011 estimate 123,932,220 
 -  2010 census 123,205,200 
Currency Orli (Orl)
Simlympic code HUC

Hiigara (Russian: Хиигара, tr. Hi'ga'ra), officially known as both Hiigara and the Hiigaran Confederacy (Russian: Хиигарская Конфедерация, tr. Hi'garskaja Con'federacija), is a unity of 16 countries on the cost of the Black Sea.

It is a confederal semi-council republic, comprising 16 subjects. Hiigara shares borders with Russia, Ukraine, Moldavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Armenia and Georgia. It also has maritime borders with Cattala. At 123,932,220 its one of the most populated nations in AIN.


The nation's history began with that of the Pre Hijarans, who emerged as a recognizable group in Europe between the 4rd and 2th centuries BC. First states wore created on river banks like Albi State (Modern Albion), Melkov State (Modern Melkia), Lesovia (Modern Stronghold Kushan Empire) and Argos (Argindian Confederacy).

The Confederacy

The Hiigaran Confederacy is composed of 16 members and subjects:

  • Albion Slavic Republic (Pizen)
  • Murak Republic (Noviji Port)
  • Titanovo Republic (Belogoria)
  • Stronghold-Kushan Empire (Tzargrad)
  • Seranto Oblast (Grozen)
  • Argindian Republics (Argos)
  • Malden Republic (Vergus)
  • United States of Everon (Fort Nikolai)
  • Melkian Empire (Geiko)
  • Najma Sultanite (Teremagma)
  • Republic of Acirifia (Kartoba)
  • Genosha Community (Il'Saju)
  • Holy City of Yri-Laim (Yri-Laim)
  • Republic of Asmara (Asmara)
  • Holy City of Nija (Nija)
  • Confederacy Special Zone (Konfederatisk)

There are different nationalities in the confederacy, the largest are - Albionians/Slav Hijarans, Lesov Hijarans, Tatar Hijarans, Kushans, Moor Hijarans, Argindians, Titanovan Slavs and other national groups.