General Junta

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General Junta
Junt General
Coat of arms or logo
Type Bicameral
President of the Senate Magali Olivas, Pd
since 26 June 2018
President of the Chamber Eilal Griego, ER
since 26 June 2018
Prime Minister Rubèn Sampietr, Pd
since 10 April 2018
Opposition Leader Constantin Daviau, MS
since 20 July 2018
Members 951
321 senators (315 elected + 6 for life)
630 deputies
Senate of Arriola Structure 2018.png
Senate Political groups
Chamber of Deputies of Arriola Structure 2018.png
Chamber of Deputies Political groups
Senate Voting system Parallel voting system
Chamber of Deputies Voting system Parallel voting system
Senate Last election 24 June 2018
Chamber of Deputies Last election 24 June 2018
Meeting place
Palau Nacional,
Catalan Community

The General Junta (Basque: Orokor Junta; Catalan: Junt General; Occitan: Amassa General) is the legislative parliament of the Aranese Community and the supreme body of State power. Its members (currently numbering 951) are elected from single-member electoral districts for a term of five years. The current Prime Minister elected by the Junta is Rubèn Sampietr. The two houses must convene at least four times a year.

By the Republican-inspired Constitution of 1982, the two houses of the Junta possess the same powers: this particular form of parliamentary democracy (so-called perfect bicameralism) has been coded in the current form since the establishment of the First Aranese Republic, and resurged after the dismissal of the fascist dictatorship of the 1950s and 1960s following the Rose Revolution.

Because the President of the Senate is acting Head of State in the absence of the President of the Government, the President of the Senate and the Vice-Presidents of the Senate have a higher position than their respective counterparts of the Chamber of Deputies in the Aranese order of precedence. On the other hand, no distinction is made between deputies and senators.

Composition of the Junta

Functions of the Junta


Electoral system

Election of the Senate

Election of the Chamber of Deputies



Chamber of Deputies