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This is an article related to the Socialist Republic of Galbadia Galbadia

Galbadia Maritime Defence Force
Força de Defesa Marítima de Galbadia
Emblem of the Galbadia Maritime Defence Force
Active 1822–present
Country Galbadian.png Galbadia
Branch Galbadia Defence Forces
Type Blue-water navy
Part of Ministry of Defence
Navy Command
Headquarters Admiralty building, Galbadia D.C
Colors Red & White         
March Cisne Branco
Anniversaries Navy Day (last Sunday in July)
Submariner's Day (19 March)
  • World War II
  • Galbadian Socialist Revolution
  • New Oren Border Crisis
  • New Oren Conflict
  • AIN peacekeeping missions
  • Shudo-Hijaran War
Commander-in-Chief President Leandro Lima
Admiral Wolfgang Mittermeyer
Naval Ensign Galbadian.png
Naval Jack GMDF flag.png

The Galbadia Maritime Defence Force (Portuguese: Força de Defesa Marítima de Galbadia) is the naval service branch of the Galbadia Defence Forces, responsible for conducting naval operations. The Galbadia Maritime Defence Force is the second largest navy in the Veratlantic Archipelago, after the Veratlantean Naval Forces, and the third on the Americas.

The largest vessels in the Galbadian Navy is its flagship, the GNF Soberanus, a 53,500-ton Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier, and the 41-ton Battleship GNF Hyperion.

The navy was involved in United Effort Independence War. Most of the British naval forces and bases in Galbadia Island were transferred to the newly independent country. In the initial decades following independence, the country maintained a large naval force and the navy was later involved in the Last Liberational War, as well as other sporadic rebellions that marked Galbadian history.

The Galbadia Navy participated in both World War I and World War II, engaging in anti-submarine patrols in the Atlantic.

As a constituent military of the Atlantic Commonwealth, the GMDF conducts frequent joint operations and military exercises with the militaries of Cattala, Corraile and the Atlantic Federation. It was also involved in the New Oren Crisis in 2011 and the 2012 Shudo-Hijaran War.


The mission of the Navy is to maintain, train and equip combat-ready Naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom of the seas.

—Mission statement of the Galbadia Maritime Defence Force
From the New Recruits Handbook:

  • The mission of the Galbadia Maritime Defence Force is to protect and defend the right of the Galbadia and our allies to move freely on the oceans and to protect our country against her enemies.
  • The Galbadia Maritime Defence Force is a seaborne branch of the military of the Galbadia. The Navy's three primary areas of responsibility:
  • The preparation of naval forces necessary for the effective prosecution of war
  • The maintenance of naval aviation, including land-based naval aviation, air transport essential for naval operations and all air weapons and air techniques involved in the operations and activities of the Navy
  • The development of aircraft, weapons, tactics, technique, organization, and equipment of naval combat and service elements.

Galbadia Maritime Defence Force training manuals state that the mission of the Galbadia Defence Forces is "to prepare and conduct prompt and sustained combat operations in support of the national interest." As part of that establishment, the GMDF functions comprise sea control, power projection and nuclear deterrence, in addition to "sealift" duties.


The GMDF is fifth largest in the world and the third largest navy in Americas in terms of fleet tonnage. Galbadia Maritime Defence Force operates a total of 140 vessels (excluding minor auxiliary vessels), including; 1 aircraft carrier, 1 battleship, 1 battlecruiser, 6 helicopter carrier, 2 Signals intelligence ships, 26 destroyers, 11 frigates, 16 corvettes, 16 attack submarines, 9 mine countermeasure vessels, 16 patrol vessels, 3 Landing Ships, 6 training vessels and a fleet of various auxiliary ships.

As of 2014, a procurement list added to the current National Defense Program Guidelines has revealed that, among other things, an additional 48 escort vessels of various classes are planned to be added to the GMDF fleet in the coming decade.In addition, as of 7 July 2014, it was being reported that plans were under way to procure two more Aegis equipped destroyers in order to bolster ongoing BMD efforts, the first to be contracted for in fiscal year 2015 and the other in fiscal year 2016.

Surface fleet

Aircraft Carrier - CV

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Aircraft carrier (1 in Service)
Kuznetsov-class GNF Soberanus.jpg Aircraft Carrier GNF Soberanus (CV-01) 53,500 tonnes GMDF Flagship

Battleship - BB

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Battleship (1 in Service)
Hyperion-class GNF Hyperion.jpeg Battleship GNF Hyperion(BB-63) 41,000 tonnes

Battlecruiser - BC

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Battlecruiser (3 in Service)
Kirov-class RIAN archive 669522 Long-distance voyage of Pyotr Veliky nuclear-powered cruiser.jpg Heavy nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser GNF Sapienta(BC-98)
GNF Virtus(BC-99)
GNF Honoren(BC-100)
28,000 tonnes

Landing Helicopter Dock - LHD

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Landing Helicopter Dock (6 in Service)
Oured-class JS Izumo (DDH-183) just after her launch.jpg Landing Helicopter Dock GNF Oured(LHD-183) 27,000 tonnes To be commissioned in 2015.
Lior-class Helicopter carrier Hyūga (16DDH).jpg Landing Helicopter Dock GNF Lior (LHD-181)
GNF Noronha (LHD-182)
19,000 tonnes
Aurelia-class JS Kurama in the Pacific Ocean 02.jpg Landing Helicopter Dock GNF Aurelia (LHD-143)
GNF Delarus (LHD-144)
GNF Galia(LHD-145)
7,500 tonnes

Landing ships - LST

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Landing ships (3 in Service)
Sant Ark-class MV-22B trying to land aboard JDS Shimokita.jpg Landing Ship GNF Sant Ark (LST-4001)
GNF Iyfehil (LST-4002)
GNF Yanthaes(LST-4003)
14,000 tonnes

Destroyers - DDG/DD

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Destroyers (26 in Service)
Rio Grande-class JS Ashigara, DDG-178 at Naval Station Pearl Harbor.jpg Guided missile destroyer Aegis GNF Rio Grande(DDG-177)
GNF Ares(DDG-178)
10,000 tonnes
Tyrant-class DDG173 JDS Kongo.jpg Guided missile destroyer Aegis GNF Tyrant(DDG-173)
GNF Tenacity(DDG-174)
GNF Scythe(DDG-175)
GNF Hunter(DDG-176)
9,500 tonnes
Spectrum-class US Navy 101206-N-2562W-013 The Japan Maritime Self-Defense ship JS Hatakaze (DDG 171) is participating in exercise Keen Sword 2011.jpg Guided missile destroyer GNF Spectrum(DDG-171)
GNF Lancaster(DDG-172)
5,900 tonnes
Intrepid-class Teruzuki (DD-116), Sawayuki (DD-125) en Asuka (ASE-6102) aan de Yoshikura Pier, -2 Jun. 2013 b.jpg Destroyer GNF Intrepid (DD-115)
GNF Thanatos(DD-116)
GNF Gibral(DD-117)
GNF Spartacus(DD-118)
6,800 tonnes
Constantine-class JS Takanami (DD-110), 19 May 2007 b.jpg Destroyer GNF Constantine (DD-110)
GNF Retribution (DD-111)
GNF Prometheus(DD-112)
GNF Titania (DD-113)
GNF Artemis(DD-114)
6,300 tonnes
Rebellion-class Murasame class destroyer.JPEG Destroyer GNF Rebellion(DD-101)
GNF Almirante Hess(DD-102)
GNF Victory (DD-103)
GNF Independence (DD-104)
GNF São Paulo(DD-105)
GNF Discovery (DD-106)
GNF Arcadia (DD-107)
GNF Ural (DD-108)
GNF Conscience(DD-109)
6,100 tonnes
Storm-class JDS Hiei.jpg Helicopter carrying destroyer GNF Capitão Nimoy(DDH-141)
GNF Cartago(DDH-142)
5,100 tonnes

Signals intelligence/Tracking Ships - SI

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Signals intelligence/Tracking Ships (2 in Service)
Albatross-class USNS Vanguard.jpg Tracking Ship GNF Galileo(SI-251) 10,900 tonnes Used by GAEA to track satellites and unmanned probes beyond the reach of Galbadian Mission Control.
Trojan-class Dupuy-de-Lome-photo10.jpg Signals intelligence Ship GNF Trojan(SI-117) 8,000 tonnes

Frigate - FF

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Frigate (11 in Service)
Chimera-class JS Hamagiri (DD-155) in the Pacific, -16 Nov. 2007 a.jpg Frigate GNF Chimera (FF-151)
GNF Yamagushi (FF-152)
GNF Confidence (FF-153)
GNF Scorpio (FF-154)
GNF Patriot (FF-155)
GNF Centurion (FF-156)
GNF Unity (FF-157)
GNF União(FF-158)
4,900 tonnes
Avenger-class JMSDF DD-127 Isoyuki.jpg Frigate GNF Avenger(FF-127)
GNF Agememnon(FF-130)
GNF Vanguard(FF-132)
4,000 tonnes

Corvette - CV

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Corvette (16 in Service)
Scimitar-class DestroyerEscorts231&232&234.JPG Corvette GNF Defensora(CV-229)
GNF Constituição(CV-230)
GNF Liberal(CV-231)
GNF Almirante Sabóia(CV-232)
GNF Imperial(CV-233)
GNF Grajaú(CV-234)
GNF Almirante Motta(CV-235)
GNF Almirante Leverger(CV-236)
GNF Comandante Varella(CV-237)
GNF Tenente Castelo(CV-238)
GNF Comandante Gastão(CV-239)
GNF Tenente Boanerges(CV-240)
GNF Sirius(CV-241)
GNF Caravelas(CV-242)
GNF Taurus(CV-243)
GNF Tridente(CV-244)
2,550 tonnes

Mine countermeasure vessels - MCS

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Mine countermeasure vessels (9 in Service)
Bandeirante-class JMDSF MSC688 Aishima-090218-N-4811K-874.jpg Minesweeper GNF Bandeirante(MCS-681)
GNF Defiant(MCS-682)
GNF Brandenburg(MCS-683)
GNF Endeavour(MCS-684)
GNF Goliath(MCS-685)
GNF Valhalla(MCS-686)
GNF Ragnarok(MCS-687)
GNF Clarke(MCS-688)
GNF Norad(MCS-689)
570 tonnes

Patrol vessels - P

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Patrol vessels (16 in Service)
Paladin-class PG-827 KUMATAKA.JPG Patrol boat GNF Paladin(P-827)
GNF Illustria(P-230)
GNF Tempest(P-231)
GNF Vulkan(P-232)
GNF Korolev(P-233)
GNF Tsiolkovsky(P-234)
GNF Odyssey(P-235)
GNF Bruhl(P-236)
GNF Klow(P-237)
GNF São Paulo(P-238)
GNF Santo Amaro(P-239)
GNF São Jorge(P-240)
GNF Fouzen(P-241)
GNF Gibral(P-242)
GNF Shark(P-243)
GNF Thunderer(P-244)
240 tonnes

Training vessels - TV

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Training vessels (6 in Service)
Revolution-class TV 3508 - JDS Kashima.jpg Cadet training ship GNF Revolution(TV-3508)
GNF Red April(TV-3517)
GNF Veratlantia(TV-3518)
GNF Dresdene Uprising(TV-3513)
4,050 tonnes
Kronal-class ATS-4202-KUROBE.png Training support ship GNF Kronal(TV-4202)
Tenryu-class JS Tenryū at Hanshin Base, -20 Jul. 2008 a.jpg Training support ship GNF Aurora(TV-4203)

Submarine fleet


Class Picture Type Boats Displacement Note
Submarines (16 in Service)
Barracuda-class Japanese Submarine Oyashio SS590.JPEG Attack submarine GNF SS-501
GNF SS-502
GNF SS-503
GNF SS-504
GNF SS-505
GNF SS-506
GNF SS-507
GNF SS-508
GNF SS-509
GNF SS-510
4,200 tonnes 3 more to be commissioned.
Excalibur-class Delta-II class nuclear-powered ballistic missle submarine 2.jpg Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine
8,000 tonnes 1 more to be commissioned in 2016.

Auxiliary fleet

Replenishment ships

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Replenishment ships (5 in Service)
Type 903-class JS Oumi AOE-426 Stern DSCN2566 20111026.JPG Replenishment oiler GNF RS-425
GNF RS-426
25,000 tonnes
Albatross-class JS Tokiwa at SDF Fleet Review 2006, -29 Oct. a.jpg Replenishment oiler GNF RS-424
GNF RS-423
GNF RS-422
15,000 tonnes

GMDF Flagship 'GNF Soberanus'
GNF Hyperion