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The foreign relations of Syldavia is the policy of the Syldavia government by which it guides the interactions with other nations, their citizens and foreign organizations and sets standards of interaction for Russian organizations, corporations and individual citizens towards them. This article covers the foreign policy of Syldavia since the end of the Bloody Revolt of the East in 1956.

One of the most unique aspects of Syldavian foreign policy is the high level of freedom the provinces have to operate internationally.

Syldavia's most important economical relationship, being one of the largest trading relationship in the world is with China. However, Syldavian governments have traditionally maintained active relations with other nations, mostly through multilateral organizations such as the Alliance of Independent Nations, World Trade Organization and the United Nations (as Observer).

Trans-national issues

The Federal Republic of Syldavia has 5 neighbouring nations by land, and 3 neighbours by sea. Many disputes have arisen and resolved and many yet are undetermined.

International territorial disputes

Territorial disputes with other countries include:

  • South Uroboria and the Province of Uroboria are disputing some small territory actually part of Syldavia on the island of Uroboria. Last talks about the issue were in 2003.
  • PRC and Syldavia are disputing the area of Khanka Lake as well as some parts near the border of North Korea. Conflict is still present.
  • Russia and Syldavia are disputing the region north of Primorksy.

Refugees by country of origin are: 10,256 (from China), 7,241 (from Russia) and estimated 40,000-70,000 (from North Korea).

People trafficking

In 2011, the police found out that major International Organisations had human trafficking linked to Syldavia.

The sex industry, controlled majoritary by the Chinese Triads and the Russian Mafiya in Syldavia, is composed, as known from the 2011 Syldavia Gangs War Files revealed in SyLeaks, of over 1,000 sex slaves and prostitutes from several countries including: China, Russia and especially North Korea.

Human trafficking in Syldavia is linked to China's people's trafficking as well.

Illicit drugs

Syldavia is a major transshipment point for marijuana produced in Sakhalin Province (where it is legalised) as well as from Exaletas.

International organizations

Membership in International Organizations:

Syldavia holds a permanent seat, which affords it veto power, on the Security Council of the Alliance of Independent Nations (AIN).

Syldavia is also part of every AIN organizations (including AINSI).

Syldavia also holds memberships in the African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, Association of Southeast Asian Nations (dialogue partner), Association of Southeast Asian Nations Regional Forum, Bank for International Settlements, International Atomic Energy Agency, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, International Chamber of Commerce, International Civil Aviation Organization, International Criminal Police Organization, International Development Association, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, International Finance Corporation, International Fund for Agricultural Development, International Hydrographic Organization, International Labour Organization, International Maritime Organization, International Monetary Fund, International Organization for Standardization, International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, International Telecommunication Union, Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, Permanent Court of Arbitration, Pizen Pact, Shanghai Cooperation Organization (assistance membership), Universal Postal Union, World Customs Organization, World Health Organization, World Intellectual Property Organization, World Meteorological Organization, World Tourism Organization, World Trade Organization, and Zloka Treaty Agreement.

Relations with Pizen Pact members and associates

Relations with Hiigara

The People of Hiigara and the People of Syldavia are often called "cousins" or "comrades" between them. Hiigara is the 6th biggest economic partner of Syldavia after China(1st), Japan (2nd), South Korea (3rd) and Shushtrepistaz (4th). 5% of the exportations of Syldavia are to Hiigara.

Relations with Okatabawashi

Okatabawashi is the 5th economic partner of Syldavia just before Hiigara. It is a good ally but especially in economy. The 5 capitals freeway project strenghten the relations as well as the merge to create SylOkaSh Airways.

Relations with Shushtrepistaz

Shushtrepistaz is the fourth biggest economic partner of Syldavia and the first or second (depends of the versions) military ally of Syldavia. President Almaz's first international trip after his win of the 2011 elections was in Shushtrepistaz. Economic and military partnerships were made the past years. Shushtrepistaz is the biggest economic partner of Syldavia with almost 28% of the Syldavian exporations.

Uroboria vs South Uroboria

The civil war that occured in the Uroborian Island after the departure of UK still is raising some tensions between families on the island. North was for being part of Syldavia while South was for being united and independent. The conflict ended with the intervention of Syldavia and Japan. Japan invaded South Uroboria while North was controlled by Syldavian forces. Syldavia automatically treated well Uroboria because they were already doing commerce with each others. Uroboria became a member-by-proxy of Syldavia until 2011 when Syldavia became a Federal Republic. Then North Uroboria became a Province named: Province of Uroboria.

Relations with the AIN members

Syldavia has good relations with most of the AIN members.

Relations with Antarida

Relations with Antarida are passing through Llithustania.

Relations with Arcacia

Relations with the Republic of Arcacia have been difficult the past years especially with the 3PY leak of past information sharing with North Korean intelligence services. After a controversial court case, which led to the abandonment of prosecutions against the country, the relations came back to Neutral, but things are improving after the visit in 2011 of the President of Arcacia, in Vladivostok, during his Presidential tour.

Relations with Calaré

Syldavia and Calaré started having official relations after the visit of President Almaz in late 2011.

Relations with Cattala

After the court case against Syldavia, Cattala helped the country to destroy the dangerous nuclear submarines parked in the bay of Vladivostok. This was the return of good old years of peace and friendship between Cattala and Syldavia. But recently in 2011, during the East Uroboria conflict that occured in South Uroboria, Cattala special secret forces were compromised into a secret operation and revealed to public. This downgraded a little bit the relations with Cattala.

Relations with Corraile

Corraile and Syldavia have economical deals, mostly about agricultural products but also about automotive industry. Corrailite industries such as Fontane are implanted in Syldavia. Relations with Corraile are neutral. The President of Corraile will visit Syldavia in the end of 2011 as an attempt to raise the relations between the two countries.

Relations with Exaletas

As a trade hub for Marijuana, Syldavia imports a lot of Exaletas weed plantations. Two major public companies of Syldavia also have industries located in Exaletas. Syldavia is one of the largest trading partner of the country.

Relations with Fairview

Relations with Giant Bay

Syldavia is one of the main foreign investors in Giant Bay. Following the victory of the socialist party in the last elections in Giant Bay, the government of Syldavia congratulate the new government of Giant Bay.

Relations with Illu'a

Illu'a isn't the greatest "comrade" of Syldavia, but their commercial exchanges have increased because they both use the AINERO. Indeed, both countries have the same peace proliferation movement.

Relations with Kamchatka

Kamchatka and Syldavia have good relations since the dissolution of USSR. Following the entry of Kamchatka into the AIN lately in October 2011, the government of Syldavia was very happy about it. Rumors are stating that Kamchatka might enter the Pizen Pact. Syldavia is one of the largest trading partner of Kamchatka.

Relations with Karasem

Karasem is the largest economic partner of Syldavia in South East Asia. Relations have always been good between the two countries, especially during the Almaz first term, where major economical deals were made between Syldavia and Karasem.

Relations with Killorglin

Relations with Llithustania

Syldavia is the largest trading partner in Western Europe of Syldavia. Llithustania's two major telecommunications companies are implanted in the Syldavian market and other major Llithustanian industries are present in the country. On the other side, Syldavia's biggest companies are all present in Llithustania and the trades between the two countries increased drastically after the acceptation of Llithustanian membership into the AIN.

Relations with Lorenta

Lorenta is known to be a high technology industry centered economy. Major economical deals have been made lately between Syldavian companies and Lorentian companies. Following the departure of Lorenta as associate member of the Pizen Pact, the relations downgraded a little bit but the complexity of the current World relations situation kept the relations in a good position.

Relations with Lower Columbia

Lower Columbia and Syldavia have pratically no political relations. The importance of Church and Pro-American politics of Lower Columbia downgraded the relations between the two countries. But on the economic side, Lower Columbia is a great importer of Syldavian products.

Relations with Meridiania

Relations with Martazuela

Martazuela-Syldavia relations have been good politically and economically. Syldavia imports most of its grain imports from Martazuela. Martazuela is also the seventh most visited country by Syldavian tourists.

Relations with Onubis Federation

Relations with Orange Free State

Following the end of Apartheid in Orange Free State in the late 1970's, relations improved dramatically between Syldavia and the country. Economic deals are still in proposal phases but they will be realized soon.

Relations with Roquebrune

Roquebrune, politically, have strange relations. Following Syldavia's hate policy against Pro-American countries, the political relations between the two countries are quite small. Otherwise, in the economic field, Roqueburne companies are very presents in Syldavia. For example, Roquebrune is leading the fashion sector in Syldavia as well as the cafés industry and chocolate industry. On the other side, Syldavia is a major player in the computer high tech industry with ATOM.

Relations with Tirnreich

Relations with Venray

Relations with Venray have been very difficult in the past years. The politics and economies of the two countries are very opposite. Following the Pro-American imperialist economy type of Venray, Aestal Stores are forbiden in Syldavia.

Relations with the Veratlanean Countries

The Atlantic Federation, with his neighbour and great ally Galbadia are known to be the biggest military of the Alliance of Independent Nations, but Syldavia isn't far away. Indeed, Syldavia has good relations with the AF and has growing relations with Galbadia.

But after the controversial ASC first case about Cattala, Syldavia decided to impose economical sanctions on Galbadia after seeing the military trades between the socialist republic and Cattala.

Relations with the UN members

Relations with Canada

Relations between Canada and Syldavia are good, but downgrading because of the governments (in Canada) who has power. Syldavian don't like the federal governments of Canada of the past 10 years. President Almaz said himself: "After Mulroney, the leaders weren't good as him. But, I'm not saying that they aren't good..." - Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Quebec are the two biggest partners of Syldavia in Canada. Vancouver - Nagoya - Vladivostok cargo line is one of the World's most used cargo ship way.

Relations with the United-States of America

USA is the sixth most important destination of Syldavian exportations with approximatively 3.5% of them. USA-Syldavian relations increased dramatically after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of USSR. Obama's visit in late 2010 was the first trip of an american president after Clinton. Bush didn't like Syldavia and wasn't afraid of showing it in public declarations.

Relations with the United Kingdom

UK and Syldavia have very good relations since before the "capture" of Syldavia by USSR. Uroboria is a living proof of it. 3PY worked in collaboration with MI5 and MI6 to find the Russian potential spying activities in UK and Syldavia.

Relations with South Korea

South Korea is the third biggest economic partner of Syldavia. Seoul-Incheon/Vladivostok VVO air route is one of the most busy route of the aeronautic world. Historically, South Korea and Syldavia always had good relations except when Syldavia was part of USSR when Stalin deported a lot of Koreans fearing they were spies for Japan.

Relations with the Russian Federation

Despite the proximity and similar culture of both countries, Russia is only the seventh largest trading partner Syldavia with 2.9% of exportations. Political relations are a bit tense because of USSR "capture" of Syldavia improved a lot with Nikita Khrushchev in power in USSR after the end of the Bloody Revolt of the East. Syldavia has a special military and economic parternarship with Russia. But, the Syldavian government is suspicious about Russian spying and spying is watched carefully by 3PY, the Syldavia Intelligence Agency.

Relations with France

Trade between the two countries is relatively modest when compared to trade with their immediate continental neighbours, but still significant. France is Syldavia's seventh largest trading partner overall, and the third largest in Europe. Annual bilateral trade between the two countries exceeds US$7 billion.

Relations with China

China is the biggest economic partner of Syldavia with approximatively 34% of Syldavian exportations, mostly natural gas and other natural ressources, but also manufactures and agriculture. Relations between the two countries are improving dramatically after the opening of special economic zones in China. Politically, relations are very tense because the Syldavian governments were always suspicious about the communism era in China as they feared being invaded like with USSR and Stalin; but it went back to something "better" (less tense) when "dictator (as called in Syldavia)" Mao Zedong died.

Relations with Taiwan

Taiwan is recognised as a country by Syldavia and is a reason of the little tensions between the Chinese government and the Syldavian government. Taiwan-Syldavian economic deals are very strong and important.

Relations with Japan

Japan is the second biggest ally and economic partner of Syldavia after China. It is the destination of approximatively 17% of Syldavian exportations. According to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Japanese were representing approximatively 20% of the total of tourists in 2010. On the other side, 7% of visitors of Japan were Syldavian. The numbers are subject to increase after the opening in October 2010 of the Sakhalin-Hokkaido railway tunnel which became one of the longest railway tunnel under-water of the world.

Relations with North Korea

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