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1 September

1943: Unsuccessful attempt of assassination Nikolaus von Falkenhorst, commander of Wermacht in Norway and Goverland, by Govish partisans.

2 September

1872: Amadeus, Prince of Amosseri dies in Victoria Palace, Cattala.

3 September

1989: A UNSC-mandated withdrawal of Indonesian forces from the Spira Islands begins, marking the end of the Spiran Conflict.
1900: Bjoern Einar Nystroem, first president of Goverland after Second World War is born in Hedestad.

4 September

2005: A lone wolf terrorist, Ether Florain, was arrested in a raid in Renné for plotting to bomb a Rennían stadium during a football match.

5 September

1945: First elections in Goverland after Second World War. Bjoern Einar Nystroem has been elected for new president, Jahn Tornhammar became a prime minister in new, right-wing government.
1916: The Allied invasion of Neu Westfalen ends with a tactical withdrawal, giving Neu Westfalen only a pyrrhic victory.

6 September

1947: Energetic Port Andrews defeats Olympic Sheford in first match of just established Govish First Division (currently Goverland Premier League.

7 September

1233: Govish army in the strenght of 40 Longships with 3000 infrantry on the boards, led by king Wilhelm V Andrews begins the siege of Bergen. Beginning of Govish-Norwegian war.

8 September

9 September

1881: MP Tristan Hart of Astoria is elected as monarch several months after the last known sighting of Brandon II of Lower Columbia.

10 September

1813: Beginning of Second September Uprising. Rebels in Sheford, Port Andrews, Rockport and Hedestad took over control of strategic places in the cities. In effect of this uprising Goverland, only catholic province of Denmark-Norway, regained an independence after almos three hundred years.

11 September

1233: In 5th day of siege of Bergen by Govish army, support in strenght of 400 cavalry comes to Govish camp.

12 September

2013: The Sporthaven terrorist attack occurs in Nyhaven, Lower Columbia killing 4 and injuring 34.

13 September

1966: The Commonwealth Games commence in Royceston.

14 September

1607: The Flight of the Earls took place when many Irish Gaelic chieftains and about one hundred and thirty followers left Ireland and Leeonia for mainland Europe.

15 September

1233: 9th day of siege of Bergen during Govish-Norwegian war. Govish forces in strenght of 400 cavalry and 1000 infrantry defeats Norwegian relief in strenght of 700 cavalry and 2500 infrantry in the way to Bergen. 2014: Mt. Nui Ahi suddenly erupts, causes massive pyroclastic flows leading to the incineration of five towns, and left large portions of the southern provinces in ash.

16 September

1233: 10th day of siege of Bergen during Govish-Norwegian war. Norwegian fleet is defeated by Govish langships on the waters north of Bergen. 2015: Mt. Nui Ahi erupts, causing Pyroclastic flows to engulf towns in the way, ash cloud causes aviation distributions across the Southern Hemisphere.

17 September

18 September

2013: A car bomb detonates outside of the Wilson International College in Luesseu, Sainte-Croix killing 1.
1960: 14 teams out of the three regional leagues of Kingston and Boyce form the Kingston Soccer League, the country's first major professional league.

19 September

20 September

1233: After 2 weeks since the siege of Bergen started, city has surrendered.

21 September

1670: Beginning of First September Uprising in Goverland. Rebels in almost every large Govish city murdered city staff and took over control of the cities. In effect of this spurt Goverland gain an autonomy from Denmark-Norway.

22 September

2012: A large car crash of 21 cars in the middle of Pizen, Hiigara kills 9.
2011: The Pizen Treaty is signed creating the Pizen Pact, a mutual defence pack between nations.

23 September

1233: In retaliation for capturing of Bergen, Norwegian troops, led by Haakon IV of Norway cross the eastern border of Goverland and plunder and burn Llangefni.

24 September

1233: Unsuccesful try of Norwegian troops to cross Gotava and begin the siege of Port Andrews. They are stopped during crossing the river by archers from Port Andrews in strenght of 150.

25 September

1998: The Commonwealth Games commence in Derby.

26 September

1976: The Summer Olympics commence in Tasbury.

27 September

1985: The new Constitution of Teiko was passed by the Teiko Royal Council.

28 September

1233: On the news about attack of Norwegian king to east Goverland Govish ruler, Wilhelm V Andrews decided to leave Bergen. Befere leave Govish warriors burn and plunder the city.

29 September

2013: The Neu Westfalen plane carrying Chancellor Anna van der Sar and Energy Minister Dominik Jentzsch crashes in the Evehalden Alps, killing a pilot, security guard and Jentzsch, stranding the surivors on the Alps for 28 days.

30 September

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