Events in October

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1 October

1977: The Histalian Crimson Guards massacre members of the Black Wealth Legion at their base of operations, cancelling planned peace-talks and making multiple groups band together to create the Real Black Wealth Legion.

2 October

1233: During landing of Govish troops, on the beach near Llangefni they are attacked by Norwegian army, led by king Haakon IV. In the battle Goverland wins, thanks to relief of cavalry from Sheford and Mosebacke. In effect of the Norwegian defeat king Haakon IV is forced to make a peace talks.

3 October

4 October

1967: Chancellor Timothy Small of Histalpol is born in Port Loove.

5 October

6 October

7 October

1923: David III of Lower Columbia, son of Michael III is born in Kendall Palace.

8 October

9 October

1881: Tristan of Lower Columbia has his coronation.

10 October

11 October

12 October

13 October

14 October

1977: 164 people are killed in multiple attacks on Histalpol infrastructure by the Real Black Wealth Legion. The largest death toll from a terror attack in Histalpol.

15 October

16 October

2016: Carolinian House of Representatives pass controversial House Bill 256, sparking international backlash. 2016: Mikenstein passes the Eqaulity for All Act, which legalises equal marriage and adoption rights, along with further discrimination protection for LGBT citizens.

17 October

18 October

19 October

999: Sainte-Croix gains independence from the personal union with the Kingdom of France.

20 October

21 October

22 October

2011: A fire in the Emporius Hotel in Confini, Cattala injuries 7, but with 0 fatalities.

23 October

24 October

1804: Leinster is established from Irish free settlers, forming the eventual capital and largest city of New Ulster.

25 October

1960: The collapse of the Severn Railway Bridge, Histalpol kills 5 after an oil barge collides with it.

26 October

2013: A fire breaks out in a PLA factory in Onaala, Asgard.

27 October

1903: The French Colony of New Duveland transforms into the Realm of Lapérouse, with Esperance as the capital.

28 October

29 October

1970: The Commonwealth Games commence in Leinster.

30 October

31 October

1990: The Commonwealth Games commence in Esperance.

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