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1 May

1991: John du Pen fatally shoots 38 people and injures three others before killing himself in Astoria, Lower Columbia.

2 May

1889: Lower Columbia declares war on the Republic of Mainland.

3 May

4 May

5 May

6 May

1800: John II is born to King Brandon I at Kendall Palace in Lower Columbia.

7 May

8 May

1913: Calgariana becomes the 15th state of Lower Columbia.

9 May

10 May

11 May

1951: Cattala gains independence from the United Kingdom.
1887: The siege of Vancouver, the capital of Gudland, begins after the city of Richmond falls to Lower Columbian troops.

12 May

13 May

14 May

15 May

16 May

17 May

1934:Declaration of Independence of Wilfran and Rapha.

18 May

1970: As a result of the Milrun-Scott Scandal, Chancellor Milrun-Scott of Histalpol steps down as Chancellor.
1888: The Gudland War ends when Lower Columbian soldiers capture the last Gudlander resistance fighter in the Olympic Mountains.

19 May

1361: Lars I Nilsson signs an alliance between Goverland and the Kalmar Union. 2015: New Caledonia becomes a province of New Duveland through a referendum.

20 May

1509: The War of the Faroe Islands between Goverland and Denmark-Norway ends with the incorporation of the Faroe Islands into Goverland.

21 May

1966: The Decades of Suspension start (according to historians) with the declaration of war between the Irish UVF and the IRA. This leads to organised crime groups arming both sides illegally.

22 May

23 May

24 May

25 May

2007: Lord Anthony Secolo wins his first term as Lord of Celestine.

26 May

1987: Terminal 2 of Centreburg Gateway International Airport officially opens.

27 May

1886: The Royal Lower Columbian Army captures the city of Anacortes during the Gudland War.

28 May

1863: The Sixth Amendment to the Lower Columbian Constitution is ratified.

29 May

30 May

1684: The future King Edward of Lower Columbia marries Amélie Fourchand in Nyhaven.

31 May

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