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1 March

1840: The King of Freiga signs the Compromise of 1839 making Carolina a Kingdom in Personal Union with Freiga while allowing the new country to determine slavery in Carolina.
2013: Capital Bank of Cattala announces losses of $4.5 billion, following a $48 billion bailout in June 2012.
1905: Roger of Amosseri is buried in Celestine Cathedral following his death on 22 February 1905.

2 March

2013: AINTv loses its sole broadcasting rights for the AINVision Song Contest in a trial against RMI Events.
1999: After 56 years in office, King Alexis of Kingston and Boyce dies, aged 98.

3 March

1526: Border towns and holdfasts are attacked by Crown armies during the Golden Revolution in Cattala, marking the first land conflict of the six-year war.

4 March

1942: CARTERrail is founded by Marc Anthony Carter.

5 March

1925: The modern Federal Defence Forces of New Westfalen are founded.

6 March

1662: Edward du Loup, the future first King of Lower Columbia, is born in Nyhaven.

7 March

2009: AINTv, the precursor to the Alliance Broadcasting Network, is launched.

8 March

9 March

1884: The future King Michael II of Lower Columbia marries Princess Elena of Saint Catherine, uniting her realm with Lower Columbia.

10 March

11 March

1994: Elizabeth of Cattala dies at the age of 66, and is succeeded by her granddaughter, Alexandra V.

12 March

2001: Kingston and Boyce author Katherine McKenzie publishes Forget This Day, to date K&B's best selling book.
1201: Augustus is crowned as the seventh King of Cattala.

13 March

2013: Neu Westfalen joins the Alliance of Independent Nations.

14 March

1954: The Commonwealth Games commence in Tasbury.

15 March

2013: The Social Democratic Party of Cattala votes to oust its leader, Dominic Greenwood, at the Party Conference; he is later succeeded by Sir William Morris.
2015: Cyclone Pam lashes the North East Coast of New Duveland.

16 March

17 March

2012: Air Canada reintroduces Canadian Airlines as an airline for Kingston and Boyce.

18 March

19 March

2011: The Government of Cattala releases its Railway Review, announcing the electrification of all railway lines in the country and the construction of two classic high speed lines in the north and east of the island.

20 March

1509: The Govish Army begins its invasion of Streymoy, the largest of the Faroe Islands.

21 March

1956: Croisian Air Flight 437 crashes in the Arabian Sea after suffering an explosive decompression, killing all 39 on board.

22 March

1997: Two people are killed and 17 injured in Waterway Plaza in Centreburg Metro when Michael Rowland fires at commuters in the station.

23 March

1884: Lower Columbia declares war on the Federal Republic of Gudland.
1881: King Brandon II of Lower Columbia disappears while on a diplomatic visit to Buenos Aires, Argentina, causing the first constitutional crisis since 1799.
1723: The British-Canadian Fur trading ship Alouette is the first European vessel to see the Island of Mainland, now Kingston and Boyce.

24 March

1835: John II becomes King of Lower Columbia on the death of his father, King Brandon I.

25 March

1963: New Duveland and The Realm of Lapérouse unify in a referendum known as the Unification Act, New Caledonia decides not to join. This date has since become New Duveland's national holiday.

26 March

1885: The Royal Lower Columbian Army begins laying siege to the city of Seattle.

27 March

2013: The National Party of Cattala votes to oust its leader, Agatha Varmini, in an internal coup.

28 March

2013: The National Party of Cattala splits into two following the ousting of First Counsel Agatha Varmini as leader; Varmini leads a breakaway group that remains in government whilst National Party withdraws from coalition.
1849: The City of Portland, Kingston and Boyce is founded as a mining town.

29 March

1780: Klamath becomes the fifth state of Lower Columbia.
1509: The siege of Thorshavn begins.

30 March

2013: The Conservative Alliance Party of Cattala is established by a merger between the Conservative Party and the High Tories, a breakaway group from the National Party.

31 March

1943: Six provinces leave the Republic of Mainland, forming the States of the Union of Boyce, led by Alexis Kaletta.

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