Events in July

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1 July

1997: Sato Fusaki becomes the first chief executive of Okatabawashi City.

2 July

3 July

2013: Goverland joins the Alliance of Independent Nations.

4 July

2006: Mike Merlin becomes the head coach of the Port Ruppert Flames.
1812: The Council of Providence adopts the Constitution of Arcacia.

5 July

2005: The Six Day War begins between Calaré and Australia.
1887: Puget merges with the Commonwealth of Rainier and is admitted as the 15th state of Lower Columbia.
1788: The future King Michael I of Lower Columbia marries Justine Visby in the Chapel Royal at Kendall Palace.

6 July

7 July

1971: Centreburg Gateway International Airport opens to passengers and cargo.

8 July

1889: The Province of Mainland defeats Lower Columbia in the Battle of the Shatt River, the only battle fought during the Puget Sound War.
1762: The future King Nicholas of Lower Columbia marries Helena Lowenbrunn at the Royal Cathedral in Kendall.

9 July

1942: The Galbadia Air Defence Force is established.
1795: The future King Brandon I of Lower Columbia marries Elizabeth Brookings at the Church of Christ the Redeemer in Salem.
1714: King Edward of Lower Columbia and 50 of his subjects begin meeting in Nyhaven to draft what would become the Constitution of Lower Columbia.

10 July

1943: The British authorities remaining in Cattala after its liberation establish the country as a protectorate.

11 July

1889: Governor Michael Yannis of Mainland and King Tristan of Lower Columbia agree to a ceasefire, bringing the Puget Sound War to a halt.
1768: King David I of Lower Columbia dies in battle near the site of present-day Gasquet, California, bringing his Pacific Coast Campaign to an abrupt end and making his son, Nicholas, king in his place.

12 July

13 July

14 July

15 July

1997: George Debault murders 12 people and destroys a MarCus Supermarkets store in the Kilmardford MarCus Massacre.

16 July

17 July

2011: The most recent Constitution of the Alliance of Independent Nations is published.
1974: Dylan II of Histalpol becomes the reigning monarch of Histalpol after his coronation.

18 July

1873: Brandon II becomes the ninth King of Lower Columbia on the death of his father.

19 July

20 July

21 July

22 July

2013: The Lehicro Economic Community is founded in Weymouth City, Leeonia with the signing of the Lehicro Agreement.

23 July

24 July

1839: Fall of the Brazilian domain in Santa Catarina. Occurs the Tomada de Laguna.

25 July

2014: Neu Westfalen Chancellor Anna van der Sar returned to office after successfully defeating Margot Schweitzer in a court-ordered Chancellery re-election.

26 July

1889: The Puget Sound War ends with the signing of the Treaty of Port Ruppert.

27 July

28 July

29 July

1839: Independence and proclamation of the Republic of Santa Catarina.

30 July

31 July

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