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Federal Republic of The Deimenovinias

República Federal das Deimenovinas République fédérale des Deimenovinas

Flag Coat of arms
Motto: "The hope of the people’s shines through!"
Anthem: May God Bless our Lands.
Largest city Deimens
Official languages English, French, Portuguese
Demonym Deimenovinian
Government Presidential Parliamentary Republic
 -  President Thomas Walton
 -  Prime Minister Enéas Da Rocha
Republic founded
 -  Referendum 6 February 1974 
 -  2017 estimate 4,980,340
GDP (PPP) 2017 estimate
 -  Total $146.2 billion
 -  Per capita $29,320
HDI 0.841
very high
Currency Deimenovinian Weit (DWT)
Time zone UTC-4