David II of Lower Columbia

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King David II
King of Lower Columbia
Royal portrait of King David II
Lower Columbia (1848-1873)
Reign 16 December 1848 – 18 July 1873
Coronation 22 April 1849
Predecessor John II
Successor Brandon II
Spouse Queen Mary Hurst
Brandon II
Full name
David John Alexander Bodker
Royal house House of Bodker
Father King John II
Mother Queen Beatrix
Born October 19, 1822
Kendall Palace, Kendall
Died July 18, 1873(1873-07-18) (aged 50)
Kendall Palace
Burial July 27, 1873
Royal Mausoleum, Kendall
Religion Christian

David II of Lower Columbia, formally His Majesty, King David II, was the eighth monarch of the Federal Kingdom of Lower Columbia, and the third monarch of his royal house, the house of Bodker, which was founded by David's grandfather, King Brandon I. Lower Columbia fought its first defensive war during David II's reign, when Upper Columbia invaded without provocation. King David II was instrumental in rebuilding Lower Columbia's army and turning the tide of that war, which ultimately resulted in Lower Columbia annexing Upper Columbia.

Early life

Early adulthood



Succession to the throne

Early reign

Columbia War