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Crowned Republic of Ascadylea
República Coronada de Ascadilla
Motto: "With God, All Things are Possible"
Anthem: O, Ascadylea!
CapitalArchades, RCA
Largest city Archades(10.185.420)
Official language(s) English and Spanish
Ethnic groups  African, English, Latin, Indigenous
Demonym Ascadyl, Ascadyli
(Spanish: Ascadilleño/a)
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 -  Queen Sharaunque I
 -  Prime Minister Deyah Narcissa Mathis
 -  Independence June 17, 1879 
 -  Total 377,778.19 km2 
145,861 sq mi 
 -  2010 estimate 44,854,218 
 -  Density 118.7/km2 
307.4/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2011 estimate
 -  Total $1.35 trillion 
 -  Per capita $30,204 
HDI  Increase.png .898 (Very High
Currency Ascadyl Dollar Ϫ
Time zone GMT-2, GMT-1
Simlympic code ACA

Ascadylea ([æzkəˈdɪljə]), officially the Crowned Republic of Ascadylea (Spanish: República Coronada de Ascadilla), is a member of the Alliance of Independent Nations located in the Central Atlantic Ocean in the Veratlantic Archipelago. Ascadylea is the southernmost island in Veratlantea, sharing a maritime border with Atlantic Federation to the west and with Galbadia to the north.


Ascadylea was named after the daughter of the first King and Queen. Her name means 'treasure' in the Native Tongue of the Island. Indigenous Ascadyli referred the island as Banzawhonge, or "Land of Wonders"


Main article: History of Ascadylea

Ascadylea was discovered by the British in the late 1800's when a ship bound for South Africa encountered troublesome weather and shipwrecked on the island near the present-day city of Rhodes. A well known scholar from Oxford University, Sir Marquesas Rhodes and his pregnant lady wife, Lady Charlotte founded the original settlement of Rhodes after Lady Charlotte gave birth to the couple's only daughter, Ascadylea.

States and Cities

Map of Ascadylea showing state borders


Main article: States of Ascadylea

Ascadylea has eight states and the Royal City of Ascadylea Capital District - The states are: Axyllion, King's Dominion, New Guardia, Queensland, Rhodes, Tiliconalopan, Warwick and the Xadrian Isles. States in Ascadylea, have their own government led by a Governor, a Lieutenant Governor, a Senate and a House of Representatives. Each state is further divided into counties that handle the local governments. In some cases. such as with larger cities, City and County Government may be merged to form one single Metropolitan government.

On March 1, 2012, the Royal City of Ascadylea was renamed, Archades. Archades lies in the newly formed Royal City of Ascadylea Capital District, which is not part of any state. It is considered proper protocol to refer to the Capital City as: Archades, the Royal City of Ascadylea. It is abbreviated as Archades, RCA. Before the redistricting took place, Archades, RCA was the national capital and the capital of the state of Tiliconalopan. Because the RCA is not part of any state, Tiliconalopan state government was moved to Taranobres.


Main article: Cities of Ascadylea
Largest cities or towns in Ascadylea
2010 Ascadylea National Census Bureau
Rank Name States of Ascadylea Pop.

Nova Olympya
Nova Olympya

1 Archades Royal City of Ascadylea District 10,185,420 Sassechussetts


2 Nova Olympya King's Dominion 3.854,120
3 Sassechussetts New Guardia 2,999, 852
4 Binghampton Queensland 2,899,000
5 Axyllion Axyllion 2,005,199
6 Parque Avenue Warwick 1,897,067
7 Taranobres Tiliconalopan 1,765,900
8 La Guardia New Guardia 1,456,789
9 Rhodesia Rhodes 1,209,675
10 Marquesas King's Dominion 1,065,345