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The Amurian Republic
Амурская Республика
Flag of Amuria Coat of Arms of Amuria
Motto: Мир и Богатство
"Peace and Abundance"
Anthem: "Farewell of Slavianka"
National anthem of Amuria

Location of Amuria
(and largest city)
Official language(s) Russian
Ethnic groups  90% Kalinovan
7% Nogay
3% Other
Demonym Amurian
Government Parliamentary presidential republic
 -  President Vadim Gorkin
 -  Prime Minister Giorgi Almaz
Legislature Parliament
 -  Upper house Council of Oblasts
 -  Lower house Council of the People
Constitutional history
 -  Independence of Amuria 1991 
 -  Total 1,441,300 km2 
556,600 sq mi 
 -  2016 estimate 5,728,428 
 -  2016 census 5,728,428 
 -  Density 3.97/km2 
10.29/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2016 estimate
 -  Total 103 billion USD 
 -  Per capita 17,988 USD 
HDI (2016) .779 (TBC) 
Currency (руб) Amurian Ruble (ARU)
Time zone VLAT (UTC+10:00)
Date formats mm.dd.yyyy CE
Drives on the Right
Simlympic code AMU
Internet TLD .ay

Amuria (Russian: Амурия, Amuriya), officially the Amurian Republic (Russian: Амурская Республика, Amurskaya Respublika), is a country in far-eastern Asia , it borders Russia to the north and west, China to the south, and just north of Japan cut by the La Pérouse Strait.