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Alliance Broadcasting Network Limited
Type Public Limited Company
Industry Broadcasting
Predecessor AINTV
Founded March 7, 2009 (2009-03-07)
Number of locations See HQ and regional offices
Area served Alliance of Independent Nations member states
Owner(s) Alliance of Independent Nations Council

The Alliance Broadcasting Network is a Public Limited Company and the un-official broadcaster of AIN nations. Alongside alliance programmes from multiple nations, it also airs special episodes and series such as the AINVision Song Contest, which was the sole broadcaster until AINVision Cattala 2013[1], as well as the Alliance Summer and Winter Games. The network is politically neutral to reach demographics of all of the political spectrum.[2]

The Alliance Broadcasting Network is partially funded by the AIN Alliance Council as well as airing costs off shows aired from multiple AIN nations alongside advertising costs, depending on the airing time and which shows it is airing in (based on popularity, live vs pre-recorded and viewership numbers).[3]


Originally, the Alliance Broadcasting Network was titled AINTv and began as a Web-news site separate from AIN.[4] This was launched 7 March 2009 and didn't contain any news stories. With the failure of this, a TV network was created in 2010 and re-branded AINTv Network. The concept was announced in the July[5] and officially released on 3 August 2010.[6]

The channel originally held miscellaneous news articles that were not covered by national news articles, but grow slowly with original shows, such as Music Battle[7] which was planned to be the competitor to AINVision which was already 3 years old at the time. This series died out in the first season which was another knock to AINTv.

AINVision and Alliance Games

Traditionally, the major events of the Alliance of Independent Nations, AINVision and the Alliance Games were broadcast solely by AINTV.

For the AINVision Song Contest, AINTV was previously the sole broadcaster of the contest every year since it's founding in 2009, but lost it's rights to be the sole broadcaster in AINVision Cattala 2013. Currently the production company listed for AINVision Song Contest was the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Sport, and the Alliance Broadcasting Network still continues to broadcast the contest.

The Alliance Games, held by the Alliance Games Federation were aired on AINTV since the first games in June 2009, and only stopped broadcasting it in June 2013 when the games were cancelled due to disinterest in the games. This spurred on the re-branding of the company alongside losing sole broadcasting rights to AINVision.

Loss of sole broadcasting rights to AINVision

In March 2013, AINTV lost it's sole broadcasting rights to the AINVision Song Contest, which was to be in Jennai, Cattala and to pay towards the costs of the contest.[8] This came about after AINTV took the hosting RMI Events to court over this issue and on 2 March, the judge ruled in favour of RMI Events. AINTV did not participate in the running of the show but did air the show live and the following AINVision Winter 2013.

Re-branding from AINTV to Alliance Broadcasting Network

AINTV was rebranded at the end of 2013 for a multitude of reasons, including a declining interest in the channel and the need to change the format from it's 2010 style, which gave it an old and unprofessional look. The company was re-branded before the Alliance World Cup 2014 and sold broadcasting rights for the championship to fund for the re-branding[9].

Past the new year, 10 January 2014, it was released that the plan to fund the re-branding worked with a result of US$153.3 million from successful tenders across AIN to broadcast the championship[10]. The re-branding included a new minimalist logo, the change of name from AINTV to the Alliance Broadcasting Network, and the introduction of the organization into a stock-market, making it a Public Limited Company.

Historical or important events aired by ABN

Events that were shown live or pre-recorded but deemed important in the history of the union include;

Governance and finances

The Alliance Broadcasting Network is regulated and funded by the Alliance Council through taxes, although the channel is not officially a product of the Alliance. Alongside taxes, over revenue that the ABN gains are through airing costs of AIN shows and advertising costs, fluctuating in cost of time advertised, the importance of the show it is advertised between viewership of the show. Advertisements between live major events cost the largest amount of money and is the largest source of income. Funding is also raised at times, as evidenced by the 2013 re-branding, by selling of broadcasting rights. In 2013, during the re-branding of the network, the organisation was partially floated by the Alliance Council on the stock market (of the headquarters country). This makes it the only organization owned by AIN to be partially floated on a public stock market.

Headquarters and regional offices

Regional offices are split into segments, according to where AIN nations are concentrated. These segments are usually grouped by continent, save for an exception in Europe where there is a North East and South West group for the separate concentrations.[11] For each region, there is one regional office which hosts the entire region. These segments are further split when selling off broadcasting rights, usually into 3 slots, but this is done rarely.[12]

The Regions are as follows, with corresponding spots and countries served under it;

Western Europe regional office in Bastilia Foreign Quarter
  • North-West Europe (Europe 1, 2, 3)

 Goverland,  Histalpol,  Leeonia,  Lovedelund,  Munster,  Sainte-Croix , Valencia

  • South-East Europe (Europe 4, 5, 6)'

 Cattala,  Hiigara,  Soviyya

  • Asia (Asia 1, 2, 3)

 Hokkodo,  Nakama,  Okatabawashi

  • America (America 1, 2)

 Escambia,  Kingston and Boyce,  Lower Columbia,  Sainte Ange

  • Atlantic (Atlantic 1, 2)

 Ascadylea,  Atlantic Federation,  Calaré,  Corraile,  Exaletas,  Galbadia,  Marquette

  • Oceania (Oceania 1, 2, 3)

 Asgard,  Illium,  New Duveland,  Neu Westfalen

Along with the current regions, there have been past regions that were used during other concentrations of AIN members, these are as follows;

  • Indian Ocean (Indian Ocean 1, 2)[13]


The Alliance Broadcasting Network started out as an international news network, and has kept that aspect through it's re-branding in 2013 with International and Regional news occurring between 11AM and 2PM and 11PM and 2AM. These times were specifically selected for GMT to allow for a midday and midnight news schedule and to be equally accessible to American and Asian audiences.

Added to international news is regional news, which is a cut at 12 and 2 AM and 12 and 2 PM to specific regions, with default regional offices showing the news if the national broadcaster of the country does not show the news in the hours given. These regional offices have only 1 office in a region to services the entirety of the region.

Special Reports and Events require a remove of original scheduling for the event, and only occurs in events which have priority and a specific time, such as AINVision and the Alliance Games, though with the Alliance Games, the schedule is taken down for the entire period of the games. Special Reports include breaking news stories that require the international news team to go into a news report instantly, no matter what is currently being aired. This has only been done once since the creation of AINTV, and occured during the aftermath and investigation of AtlantAir Flight 184. Sporting events are also shown as special events, such as the AFA Football World Cup and Club League.

The Alliance Broadcasting Network also allows for nations in the alliance to broadcast their original shows at a rate to make profit. Shows run from Daytime to Primetime GMT for scheduling, but take into account time zones, so regulations for TV channels concerning Daytime and Primetime does not follow other regulations followed by other, regional, TV channels.

Shows currently aired



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