Sint Cunera Infrastructure Rebuilding Mission

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Sint Cunera Infrastructure Rebuilding Mission

Post by kendallhart808 » September 14th 2017, 2:42 am

Image Due to the heavy damage to the island nation of Sint Cunera by Hurricane Irma, the Alliance Infrastructure Agency is proposing to send a team of 750-1500 volunteers from Alliance Nations to help accomplish these goals:
  • Reopening and reusability of Cunera International Airport in Cunera for Aid and Humanitarian Flights
  • Rebuilding of National Electricity Grids Including Power Lines
  • Restoration of Water Services
  • Reconstruction of Major Roads that have bee damaged by Hurricane Irma
We will be funding these rebuilding efforts through the Alliance Infrastructure Agency budget, and we believe that it will take around $95 Million. Our main goal is to make sure that the island is accessible for Aid Organizations such as the Alliance Public Services Agency for aid to be able to reach citizens in Sint Cunera that need it. Our other goal is to make sure that running water is available to people in Sint Cunera at least in public venues so that citizens can use hygiene items.

We will need nations to put down how many volunteers they would like to send as part of the Sint Cunera relief mission.
Thank You,
Kendall Hart

Carolina: 250 CarolinaCorp Volunteers
Siculia: 1500 Volunteers
Friega: 10 Volunteers
Nakama: 1600 Volunteers and $16 Million in Aid
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Re: Sint Cunera Infrastructure Rebuilding Mission

Post by ulisse » September 14th 2017, 11:44 am

The Federal Republic of Siculia has made available a volunteer group of 1500 men and the dispatch of maintenance vehicles to speed up the reconstruction of the roads and the airport.


Communicated by the Alliance Public Services Agency.

Our office has been activated in this emergency by providing our funds for reconstruction is sending aid. Hopefully our offices can collaborate together to help Sint Cunera.
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Re: Sint Cunera Infrastructure Rebuilding Mission

Post by Agunter999 » September 14th 2017, 11:44 am

10 volunteers from the Freiga will be sent on the Sint Cunera Infrastructure Rebuilding Mission from the government's own Humanitarian Aid Organisation with infrastructure expertise from an array of backgrounds. The volunteers will be available from Monday 18th from Syt International Airport where they will connect with the mission wherever the mission directs them to. Expenses for these volunteers will be contributed by both the Freigan Aid Budget and the public charity 'Aid'. Should material equipment be needed negotiations are welcome and should the island whish to upgrade infrastructure investment options are available and encouraged.

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Re: Sint Cunera Infrastructure Rebuilding Mission

Post by Nanami » September 14th 2017, 4:18 pm

Nakama will send a group of 1600 people from Medical personals, Nakama National Force (air, ground and naval), and volunteers. Aside with the volunteer, Nakama will send aid worth about $16 millions to Sint Cunera in order to reconstruct the damaged civil facilities.
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