Formation of G8 Policy Forum

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Formation of G8 Policy Forum

Post by jmsepe » December 7th 2017, 12:49 pm


The Alliance Economic Agency supports the initiative of the Federal Republic of Carolina to create a focus group or forum that could help in stimulating new economic policies across the Alliance. We believe that this proposed group will help create new economic policies that could benefit all members of the Alliance of Independent Nations. As the legitimate arm of the Alliance dealing with economic and trade policies, we are honored to select the composition of this group.

As noted, the name of the group shall be known as "Group of 8" which shall be colloquially called as "G8". The AEA, using all economic parameters, data and statistics available have came up with the following as the core members of the group:

1. Atlantic Federation (Atlantic)
2. Nakama (Asia)
3. Oka (Asia)
4. Carolina (North America)
5. Hiigara (Europe)
6. Illium (Oceania)
7. Sansheng (Asia)
8. Santa Catarina (South America)

The selections was chosen not solely based on their GDP but on their influence of representation as well. All 8 nations represent roughly 70% of all economic output in AIN and roughly 65% of all people in AIN. Furthermore, the 8 nations provides almost 73% of the total AIN budget. Six of the eight nations are also high income nations with Sansheng included to represent developing nations. Furthermore:

1. Atlantic Federation will represent the Atlantic Commonwealth and the rest of the Veratlantic Archipelago
2. Oka and Nakama will represent other developed Asian nations
3. Carolina will represent the CAAN and North America
4. Hiigara will represent Europe
5. Illium will represent Pacific Island Forum, Oceania and other Indian states
6. Sansheng will represent developing nations in Asia
7. Santa Catarina will represent South America and UNASUL

Notably absent is representation for Africa and Middle East. This has been addressed with the addition of permanent guest invitees. Permanent guest invitees are not part of the G8 but will participate in G8 discussions during the summit and may be invited to participate in off summit discussions. The permanent guest invitees are:

1. New Duveland which shall represent commonwealth nation states and Oceania
2. Teiko which shall represent Liberal Monarchist Bloc member states
3. Alliance Economic Agency (IMF) - represented by Kou Sennoza (AEA Director, may change during AIN elections)
4. Bank of the Alliance (World Bank) - represented by Kingston and Boyce (Current Bank President, representative may be changed)
5. Alliance of Independent Nations Council (UN) - represented by New Duveland (AIN President, may change during AIN elections)

The AEA shall take upon the interest of non-represented groups such as Africa and Middle East and other blocs.

Finally, to ensure transparency of the summits and the G8. Three middle power nations will invited to participate in discussion. These invited middle power nations will rotate every year. The decision to invite nations will be a responsibility of the AEA but will require a majority approval of the 8 core members. This year, the nations invited to the summit are:

1. Freiga - to represent European Economic Area
2. Acadia - to represent North America and other high income nations
3. Karasem - to represent Muslim nations

Details on the first summit will be released by Carolina State Department.

We would like to thank Carolina for proposing this initiative. It is our hope that this focus group will help AIN become a more prosperous union. THE G8 IS AN INDEPENDENT FORUM AND IS NOT UNDER ANY AGENCY OR NATION. The AEA only helped in selecting its members and has no control over the affairs of the group. However, as the AEA is the official economic and trade arm of the union, it will act as an observer of the the group's policies and will help lobby policies that will direct the G8 to work for the benefit of all.

We look forward for the first summit next year.
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Re: Formation of G8 Policy Forum

Post by stanisolt » December 7th 2017, 3:28 pm

The Republic of Amuria accepts this compromise with regards to an economic group. We believe that the establishment of the Group of 8 will lead to greater economic prosperity within the Alliance of Independent Nations.
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Re: Formation of G8 Policy Forum

Post by ulisse » December 7th 2017, 10:17 pm

The Government of Siculia will recognize the formation of the G8, but still continue its policy business undertaken by the government Colucci I. We think that this organization is more heterogeneous than the initial proposal.
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Re: Formation of G8 Policy Forum

Post by Nanami » December 8th 2017, 11:39 am

State of Nakama formally recognize this version of alliance economic group. After a long discussion on parliamentary season today, State of Nakama will officially accept the invitation of this forum. The decision made because of the condition given by the forum to the nation to be as fair and potentially more beneficial to any of its members and anyone else in Union which not became part of it.

Nakahara Nanami
Nakama Ambassador of Alliance of Independent Nations
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Re: Formation of G8 Policy Forum

Post by Agunter999 » December 12th 2017, 11:01 am

Following the alterations in the improvement towards transparency and representation the Freigan government is willing to recognise the existence of the G8 and participate on behalf of the EEA as invited. Thank you.
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Re: Formation of G8 Policy Forum

Post by Jost Van Kortag » January 5th 2018, 11:24 am

The Government of Acadia formally accepts the compromise and looks forward to increase economic relations with other AIN members also through the means provided by G8. We are glad to represent North America and the other high income countries during this summit.
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Re: Formation of G8 Policy Forum

Post by kendallhart808 » January 9th 2018, 6:06 am

Image The Government of the United Carolinian Confederation would like to invite the members and guest invitees of the Group of Eight to Sea Island, Georgia, Carolina for our first summit. The main goal of this summit is to formally establish the group. We would like to hear from other governments regarding the date of the summit. Currently we are looking around early to mid February, possibly February 5 through February 8. However, we want to make sure this is a good time for the other members to meet.

We look forward to hearing from everyone and will see you in Sea Island!

Claire Underwood
Ambassador to the Alliance of Independent Nations
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