2012 Prime Ministeral Elections and Politics

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2012 Prime Ministeral Elections and Politics

Post by simsamerica » January 29th 2012, 3:41 pm

This is a copy of an old thread kinda from the old forums:

With the 2012 Election in March, I think a thread about it is in order

First an overview of politics in Meridiania

The Legislature of Meridiania is a unicameral body, consisting of 100 members from the states and territories. The breakdown of the members to the states is:
Regnum 21 members
West Coast 13 members
Garnsey 9 members
South Fuji 10 members
Vulputate 12 members
Cooper 5 members
Gatliff 15 members
Central Commonwealth 6 members
Ipsum 7 members
Central Texas 1 member
Follycravie 1 member

Every two years half the legislature is up for reelection, since there are four year terms.


Democratic Party
33 seats
The Democrats believe in expanded buracracy, an less active military, higher taxes and a very free market.

Republican Party
47 seats/48 seats

Current PM Tim Vickers Jr. and former PM Reymond both are republicans, the PM and VPM are elected as a joint pair, Reymond and Vickers were elected in 2008. In the Legislature, the Republicans currently occupy 47 seats, and the office of PM can be considered a 48th seat. The republicans believe in the right wing, and therefore believe in smaller government, an active military, low taxes and foreign tariffs.

Labour Party
7 seats
The Labour party is the most deomcratically socialist party in the commonwealth. They have only won two elections in their history for Prime Minister, both in the 1960's.

Libertarian Party
11 seats

The Libertarian Party believes in a lack of government involvement in personal affairs. They have won 4 elections in the 1900's but have been mostly silent. They legalized were able to have Cannabis legalized in 1994 during the Libertarian Administration of Sebastian Lloyd.

2 seats

Independents are unaffiliated to any party and are a category rater than a party.

2012 Candidates

Republican Party: Prime Minister Timothy Vickers
Vickers ran as an opponent to PM Reymond until the Republicans decided on their candidate in September at which point Vickers backed down, however when Reymond was assassinated, Vickers stepped up to take is position.

Democrat Party: General Oliver Leigh of Ipsum
General Leigh is a highly decorated war Veteran. Leigh is a radical Liberal though, despite his storied Military Career.

Labour Party: Gatliff Representative Tyson Humphries
Humphries has been a member of the Legislature since 1984 for Gatliff and served as a main rival to PM Lloyd in the early ninties. Humphries ran on the ticket in 1996 and 2004.

Libertarian Party: Garnsey Representative Amy Loxton
After the 2004 and 2008 elections saw a new young wave of Libertarian candidates, Loxton is now the senior Libertarian in the Legislature. The Libertarians have little chance of getting the PM seat.
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