Meridianian Racing News and Silly Season Thread

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Meridianian Racing News and Silly Season Thread

Post by simsamerica » January 22nd 2012, 7:23 pm

If anyone in here familiar with motorsports ever visits or, they are along the lines of what this thread is.

So that you have an idea of what's already been announced: ... ies_Season ... ies_season

Currently there are two rides left for the LNCS Season, Kilburn's third entry and Hewitt's second entry. There are nine confirmed unfilled entries in the V6 Stars Series.

[centre]NEWS THIS WEEK[/centre]
Sven Meyer of Dodge Racing getting off track in the test

The V6 Stars Series has run it's first preseason test of two, with Kilburn Second driver Aaron Bryant, the sophomore driver Took his 6/20 Lightning around Dethridge Raceway in a blazing 1:22.45. 2010 and 2011 Champion Kai Helbig took his 6/20 home 10th after the test while Kilburn rookie Adán Villegas Alonzo was 14th.

1. Aaron Bryant- Kilburn Sportscars
2. Searlas Therriault- Tulktronics Racing
3. Julio Cesar Carrera Caraballo- Cross Canadian Autosports
4. Pontus Vasala- VSPM
5. Israel Ferguson- VSPM
6. Julio van Til- KMS Supersports
7. Jacob Galway- KMS Supersports
8. Anas Voesenek- H+J Racing
9. Hayden Noack- Tulktronics Racing
10. Kai Helbig- Kilburn Sportscars
A quiet one...

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