Lycanthia gets own currency

By Daniel
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Lycanthia gets own currency

Post by Daniel » January 8th 2012, 1:32 am

ANGLET: Lycanthia has adopted its very own currency for the first time in its history. As part of the amicable protectorate agreement with Arcacia, a Lycanthian currency was planned to be unveiled in 2020 at the conclusion of the agreement when Lycanthia ceases to be a protectorate of Arcacia.

However, due to the faster than expected stabilisation of the Lycanth economy, coupled with public resentment of having to use the Arcacian Dollar, the new currency has been brought forward and the Lycanth Franc (LY₣) will become Lycanthia's official currency from January 1st this year.

The Franc will be pegged to the Arcacian Dollar at a fixed exchange rate of ₣20.00 = $1.00 for the remainder of the protectorate agreement, at which point Lycanthia will determine the future direction of its currency.
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