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[centre]**Due to the size of my old thread, only my posts on the last two pages of the IC on DarkBB will be transferred**[/centre]

Amongst Snowless Weather, MoIA Unveils Memorial Cemetery
NORGENSPAAR, Tirnreich- With sunny, albeit colder, weather gracing the Empire this November, the Ministry of Interior Affairs will be opening a memorial cemetery for victims of the Acijnstan War. The MoIA unveiled plans for a memorial cemetery on 24 October to a special committee from the Ministry of the Media and the Ministry of Defense.

The Acijnistan War Memorial Cemetery will commemorate victims of all backgrounds that gave their life in service of the Empire; each grave will feature the service(wo)man's name, rank, home city, and religious symbol, if applicable. Also, each grave will have a portrait of the deceased, and a receiving slate for flowers, notes, etc.

The Cemetary in Norgenspaar[/centre]
Tirnreich Defense Ministry Advances in Ballistic Missile Program
Tirnreich- As the Tirnlander Space Program undergoes a developmental hiatus after economic issues, the Tirnreich's Ministry of Defense makes significant advances in its PfBR, (Programm für ballistische Raketen, "Ballistic Missile Program") which is set to make its first weapon-engaged launch in mid-January 2011. The program, which has undergone scrutiny from peace groups and the theocratic-socialist CSP organization, has had significant breakthroughs in the past months.

Such breakthroughs include multi-warhead transportation, creation of a "Heavy Explosives Payload," intercontinental launch capability, and several test-launches. Countries such as Russia, Belarus, and Poland have condemned the PfBR, stating that the missiles could pose a significant security threat in Eastern Europe, with the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany also criticizing the program, citing Nuclear Proliferation as a feasible alternative.

Tirnlander PfBR test launch, GRUNSTEIN, Kaiser Island.
Tirnlander RIR-10 Missile being inspected by an engineer at an unknown location.[/centre]

American Minority Celebrates Thanksgiving
ROTBRUCKE, Tirnreich- Today, 25 November, marks the day of Thanksgiving in America, where one sits with family and occasionally friends to share in festivities that include eating, sharing things they are thankful for, and watching sports, most notably American Football.

Those of American decent and direct immigration continue to celebrate this tradition today, as several well-known American families made the headlines.
  • The Mavitz family, immigrating from New York City, NY, are known for owning Mavitz International, a marine shipping company rivaled only by TirnGlobal Logistics. They purchased 62 whole turkeys, enough to feed all 476 of their headquarter office workers.
  • Andrew Mendel, a German-American entrepreneur who immigrated from Pittsburgh, PA, rented out Holgeroetz Hall, a gathering hall/conference center in the heart of Nachtsburg, for a Thanksgiving celebration for his siblings, children, and grandchildren, which includes 6 turkeys, 8 pounds of stuffing, and 9 pounds of potatos.
  • Galvin Family, financier of TG Logistics, the Imperial Party, and HandiChem Corp., spent nearly :AINERO: 4,500 on food for his celebration.
Other communities, including the American-majority city of Rotbrucke, have offered communal dinners, where as many as 1,000 people may show up and feast in a pot-luck style, regardless of American decent.

Pre-Election Polls Show Changing Face in Politics
NACHTSBURG, Tirnreich- In a poll conducted by Baorjcyn Statistics, the outcome of the New Year's Election may be different than expected. Traditionally, the Imperial Party has garnered the most votes, both from conservatives, as well as liberal patriots. The OUW ("Organization of Eastern Minds") gets the next most votes, primarily due to it's stance as a Capitalist organization, albeit liberatarian, followed by the CSP. The KLG, which is interested in overthrowing the Imperial family and replacing it with a semi-fascist Republic, has the least of its members voted into office.

According to the poll, the elections are poised to have the following outcome:

Percentages are approximately how many of each organizations' members will be voted into office
IP: 71%
KLG: 67%
CSP: 40%
OUW: 53%

With the IP and KLG being so close with elected officials, balance could slide from shear neo-Imperialist power to a coalition government, with many left-wing policies being passed into law. Political analysts cite the economic and social troubles as reason for the KLG to gain so many positions in the government. The Emperor's previous statements of intent to ban the KLG party is a major debate point for this election.

Headquarters of the Imperial Party in Nachtsburg[/centre]
TirnIsle Renamed "Kaiser Island," Construction "Freezes" Due to Weather
KAISER ISLAND, Tirnreich- In a ceremony held at Hammelstein Villa, the Emperor's winter retreat, the name change of the TirnIsle officially passed, and is now called Kaiser Insel, or Kaiser Island. ("Emperor Island")

In other island-news, construction of government and residential buildings halted due to extremely dangerous winter storm conditions. After landing on the Eastern shores earlier this year, the construction crews worked diligently to erect dozens of residence halls for themselves, as well as apartment and administrative buildings for future use.

Artist's impression of the start of construction[/centre]
Jumaanian Militia Comissioned by Imperial Governor
MOKOLO, Tirnlander Jumaania- Last Wednesday, Imperial interim governor of Jumaania, Daan Kussal, signed a statement written by PM Kohl that officially commissioned a Jumaanian defense force. The force, to be known as the Jumaanian Colonial Defense Force, (JCDF) already has some training, as they fought alongside TDF soldiers during the 2010 Jumaane Civil War.

Units will get training from TDF officers, as well as South African Defense Force consultants and advisors. Currently, the JCDF is a conscript militia comprised solely of Jumaanian citizens, but will eventually include a 2,000-man Imperial Expeditionary Corps, taken from both Imperial military veterans, as well as new recruits.

JCDF 39 "Cheetah" Squadron scrambling during an action-ready exercise with the SADF and TDF.

Jumaanian paratroopers train with IAC units on helicopter infiltration and exfiltration.[/centre]

AIN Ambassador Ousted, Indicted on Misconduct Charges
NACHTSBURG, Tirnreich- Tirnreich-AIN ambassador Jurg Sturag was recently involved in a scandal involving the usage of the ambassador's time, the lack of appearance at critical union events, and inactivity. Sturag was called back to Nachtsburg on an "executive invitation" to a special Imperial Council session, which ended up being a group of Nachtsburg PD troopers who apprehended the ambassador, and sent him to a holding cell at the local Ansanon Prison. Sturag was indicted for Union misconduct, abuse of executive office, and misrepresentation of Tirnlanders. (latter being a Tirnlander Diplomatic Dept. offense)

Sturag was succeeded by former Cattalan Ambassadorial attache Franz Gaummen. Gaummen took the pledge to uphold the Tirnlander constitution, the Union constitution, positively represent the Tirnlander people, and promote diplomacy. Gaummen will assume office in the AIN headquarters on Monday, 7 March 2011; he is currently serving the position from a MacBook in the Imperial Palace.
American Foursome Killed; IAC, ISARS Mobilize to Gulf of Oman
ACIJNSTAN- After a group of four Americans, two from California and two from Seattle, were executed by Somali pirates who had previously boarded their yacht. US Navy SEALs had been in the vicinity, and was able to take down 2 pirates. After a diplomatic outreach to the Tirnreich, an IAC contingent and ISARS commando troop has been mobilized to the USS Boxer, an amphibious assault ship. 150 IAC airman and 42 ISARS commandos have been stationed on the American ship, to be utilized in anti-pirate operations.

In a similar development, the Tirnlander-run Interim Provisional Authority (IPA) in Acijnstan has granted permission to CTF-151 safe port and refueling zones in coastal ports.
Tirnreich Closes Diplomatic Mission in Arab World, Belgium
NACHTSBURG, Tirnreich- In controversial move, Minister of Foreign Affairs Hans Fogle has issued a recall of all diplomatic workers in the Arab world, which is further specified as any nation in the regions of North Africa or the Middle East. After months of inconclusive governmental elections, Belgium has also been targeted in Fogle's embassy closings. The MoFA has cited the reason for this as the increasing amount of demonstrations could deteriorate into rioting and civic property damage. All MoFA employees stationed in aforementioned nations will be systematically recalled, in order of risk level.
Tirnreich to Gain Naval Force
KAISER ISLAND- On 28 February, Emperor von Nacht officially commissioned the Tirnlander Imperial Navy, fully rounding off the Tirnreich's military capabilities. The Tirnlander Navy Initiative has been adopted by the Imperial Council, and handed off to a PR firm, known as WonFahr Resources; WonFahr will create recruitment posters, radio and TV ads, as well as commission offices for future use of multi-branch recruitment centers.

On the front end of the Initiative is the recruitment and training drive. Training is rumored to be aided by German and Danish naval contingencies, while private military consultants are said to be flown in to school potential sailors on naval security and anti-piracy.

Naval authorities have stated that the following ships are to be of the first to be laid down and christened:
2 Amphibious Assault Ships
3 Frigates
2 Destroyers
6 Patrol Boats

The first ship to be laid down is the INS Konig Von Hekli, which the Tirnreich contracted American shipbuilding company Ingalls Shipbuilding to build. The ship will be the first in the Konig-class Amphibious Assault ship.

Citizens Protest Against High Petrol Prices, Unemployment
TIRNREICH- Thousands gathered in several locations on Monday to protest against the increasingly high petroleum prices, calling for the Imperial Council to initiate Protocol 290, which would lower gas prices by "donating" reserve petroleum to fill-up stations. The IC has put this off, and continues to warn against it's usage, as too much reserve adding could be detrimental to the economy, as well as to the national reserves.

Protesters and police gather at a Zaubermann Petrol station at a self proclaimed "Midnight Oil" Demonstration. Despite being peaceful in nature, police are called for overwatch and deterrence.

Later, thousands of workers and civil activists took to the streets, protesting the higher unemployment rates of many Tirnlander cities. (The average Tirnlander unemployment in towns and cities is 4.5%, 4.1% less than Chicago) One demonstrator said, "I've lived in this region for 19 years. After the Tirnreich was founded, things looked to get a good change. Now, I'm fighting for my job; it doesn't seem the Emperor has any heart towards us working class folk." The Imperial Council has heard appeals from several worker's unions and community groups, but maintains that the unemployment rate is at a "safe" level compared to other nations'.

Protesters gather in Nachtsburg, protesting high unemployment rates in recent months. An IAC AH-1 Super Cobra flies overhead.
Imperial Communications Administration Shuts Down Radio Station, Newspaper
HIMMELSTOR, Tirnreich- The Empire's regulator and primary broadcasting financier for multimedia companies and networks has successfully executed its first shutdown operation. The ICA was alerted 2 weeks ago of a potentially illegal radio station, after a radio enthusiast spotted a broadcast on an unregistered frequency.

The radio station was purportedly a communist propaganda network "grooming" listeners for communist takeover. "Red River Radio," run by two unnamed females and one male, was located and its office (apartment) raided by HPD SWAT troopers, aided by Tirnlander State Security agents. The 3 radio operators and ranking members of the KLG are being questioned by TSS and HPD officers.
Tirnreich to get First Nuclear Power Plant
NACHTSBURG, Tirnreich- The Ministries of Economics, Utilities, the Environment, and Internal Affairs will meet with PM Kohl and the Emperor on Sunday to provide a verdict to the pending purchase of 2 Ukrainian-made nuclear reactors.

The reactors were assembled and cleared by UN inspectors in 2007, but were never put to work, due to dangerous structural integrity conditions in the proposed reactor building. The reactors were placed off the market until the Ukrainian firm Derointka Energy was cleared to sell them. Priced at US$6.7 Billion each, the reactors were once again approved by UN energy commission officials, before the Tirnreich secured the two BWR reactors.

A plant is proposed in the Wresjkla Flats, a barren, near-arid plains region bombarded by bombs during WWII, when the town of Wresjkla was positioned on important German crossroads. With little life and minimal risk of air and water pollution, the Ministries meeting have given the success rating of the site as 90%; if approved, construction would start immediately, and the plants would be up and running in less than one year.
Empire FC Kicking 500 in the DPL
TIRNREICH- As the results from Matchdays 1 and 2 of the 2010-2011 DPL season get printed out, Tirnreich football fans got a bit of a let down. Empire FC won its first game against Cranes FC, while losing to Illuliaq FC on the second day. Currently at home training, the Empire have a long season ahead of them.

Midfielder Franco Gheronelli expressed his team's angst,"We're all really excited for this season, but we all have lots of work to do. A few of us played in the first ever AIFF playoffs on FC Tirnreich, and that was a real eye-opener. There are a lot of great teams out there for us to play, and we all know we can do better than .500."

Sendai Tsunami Hits Kaiser Island
KAISER INSEL, Tirnreich- After the 8.8 magnitude earthquake and ensuing tsunami, Japan was devastated by floods, fires, and an ongoing fear of radioactive contamination. The tsunami, however, hasn't only affected Japan; several dozen smaller islands in the Pacific ocean have been hit as well, including the Tirnreich's Pacific Island chain, the Kaiser Islands. The biggest of the 3, Kaiser Island, was hit on its west coast. Reports will be coming in with more detail later, but for now it apparently did not interfere with construction on the island.

Tirnreich Secures Nuclear Reactors, Loses Primary Construction Site
NACHTSBURG, Tirnreich- At the Situation Room in the Kaiserlich Palast, Emperor von Nacht and Prime Minister Kohl have secured the purchase and transfer of two Ukrainian Boiling Water Reactors stored in Sevastopol. The Tirnreich was given the first opportunities to make offers on the reactors, and the Imperial Council pounced on it; the Economics Minister, with the approval of the IC, agreed to pay the asking price. With the official possession of nuclear reactors, the Utilities Ministry must furnish a power plant; one such plant was planned at Wresjkla, with foundations already in place, however a sinister turn of events forced the Tirnreich to make an emergency switch.

Crude image from a webcam shows the aircraft that performed the initial bombing of the site.[/centre]

Late Wednesday night, unidentified aircraft bombed the construction site, leaving craters where structures were planned, and leaving the existing structures and foundations burnt debris. The IC has decided that the site should be moved to a more secure and desirable location; apart from the apparent gap in air defense near the Flats, it was discovered that if rain patterns are even remotely similar to last summer's, the Kloend River will most likely overflow, causing heavy flooding in the flats.

The currently under renovation/construction plant near Drennen.[/centre]

The nuclear plant will be moved to a site in the West, where a nuclear facility was dismantled after the Cold War, and now lies dormant. Reconstruction crews have already moved in and are repairing structures and building new structures in preparation of the arrival of the reactors. An extensive transportation system and method is being developed for the transportation of nuclear material, including the fuel rods, control rods, and the reactors themselves. This will include rail for receiving construction materials and routine deliveries as well as a road connection that connects the plant with the rail security station and the nearby town of Drennen.

Planned map of transportation assets of the Drennen Plant.[/centre]

Ministry of Defense Vows to Identify Bombers
DRENNEN, Tirnreich- After a pair of unidentified fighter aircraft bombed the proposed Wresjkla Nuclear Plant site, Minister of Defense Lutz ordered IAC and Tirnlander State Security assets to find out who carried out the attack. The attack drew eerie parallels to a similar operation carried out against Iraq by Israel in 1981, codenamed Operation Babylon; a flight of Israeli aircraft destroyed an Osiris-Class reactor sold to Iraq by France, with Israel claiming it acted in self defense.

So far, no country has claimed responsibility, although analysts narrowed down possible perpetrators to Russia, Poland, and Slovakia. The Defense Ministry should provide an answer within one week.

One of the two aircraft that bombed the plant site.

Jumaanian Governor's Election brings Controversy
MOKOLO, Jumaania- After the Emperor first announced that an election will be held for the Governor-seat of the Tirnlander Colony, many Jummanians felt that a new leaf was turning for their country. However, after the revealing of the candidates, many colonial citizens are reeling in anger.

All but one candidate is a governmental worker from the Tirnreich; Jonathan Khombass is the only non-Native Tirnlander on the ballot. However, Khombass is a citizen of the country, before it colonized Jumaane; he had left Mokolo, his hometown, to study economics in Belgium during the 1990's, but moved in 1998 to the Tirnreich to study law at UTD. Khombass gained citizenship in 2005.

Many angry colonials have taken to the streets, while others are blogging or meeting with local chieftains to discuss the matter and hopefully bring about a change. The Dept. of Jumaania, under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, has stated that the ballot is locked for the 5 April election date.

Jumaanian Governorship Results
MOKOLO, Jumaaina- After the revealing of last month's ballot for the Jumaanian Governor race caused controversy, many leaders of tribes and communities met in pivotal voting centers and held forums to hopefully persuade voters to not accept the ballot as a legitimate one; the reason for the upheaval is that only one member of the ballot is a Jumaanian national, although all of the candidates are Tirnlander citizens.

Almost 7.1 Million out of the estimated 13.2 Million inhabitants of Jumaania signed a pledge to not participate in the election, opting to peacefully demonstrate and protest at voting locations and in and around Mokolo. It was thought that a further 2.4 Million would be unavailable to vote due to lack of proper communications or cultural/tribal obligations. The resulting 3.7 Million either did not participate in the poll or are intending to vote.

Despite the circumstances, Tirnlander officials, headed by Prime Minister Kohl, decided to go along with the election. A critical detail is that some believe that Emperor von Nacht was uninformed of the go-ahead. Election day was cast as 5 April, and only one incident of unrest was reported.

The election saw that Jonathan Khombass, the only Jumaanian native, elected Governor of Jumaania. 2.9 Million Jumaanians voted in Khombass, with 670,000 others voting for Adon Gaulker, former diplomat to Jumaania.
Tirnreich Feeling Economic Woes of Colonies, War
NACHTSBURG, Tirnreich- The Ministry of Economics met Wednesday to discuss the widening deficit of costs-income for the Tirnlander Government. Upon receiving and calculating the numbers, MoE agents found that in Mid-2010, the Tirnreich was very close to bankruptcy; since then, a boost in GDP from inbound industries and national investments have stemmed off the Tirnreich's economic fall, but a large deficit is still looming. Analysts suspect that the deficit is coming from not only the loss of capital resulting in the acquisition of the Jumaanian and Rockcoast Colonies, but also from the Tirnland-Acijnistan War, as well as the resulting reconstruction efforts.

MoE suggests that a reevaluation of the economy is in order, as well as making emergency cuts in spending and funds.
TirnGlobal Logistics Aids Libyan Rebels
VALLETTA, Malta- TGL Ships ICV Image and ICV Image are currently aiding the Libyan people by transporting medical supplies to and from Red Cross casualty centers as well as helping transport injured peoples and uninjured peoples to different coastal locations.

TGL President Haj Yslaji commented, "I believe what NATO is doing is great. They're preventing a civilian killing on a scale of Kosovo or Darfur."

Neither Emperor or the Tirnlander MoFA could be reached for comment.

H2N4 Virus Causes Panic Among Avian Farmers, Restaurants
GAUBJA, Tirnreich- As continued reports of H2N4 problems continue to reach the Empire, Health Department officials at the Ministry of Utilities have warned restaurant owners and patrons, as well as avian farmers about the symptoms and ways to treat H2N4.

The MoU is rumored to be planning on funding research for vaccines for H2N4; as of press time, the Tirnreich has deployed the Interior Ministry's division of the TDF, the IRT (Innere Reservat Teilung, Interior Reserve Division) to patrol food import centers such as the one at Gaubja, near the eastern border of the Tirnreich.
Ministry of People to Combine Ministries of Recreation, Sports
NACHTSBURG, Tirnreich- The Ministry of the People Committee, headed by Minister Gottfried, recently conducted an assessment of all ministries under the MotP banner; they subpoenaed economic and performance statistics to assess the continuity of the ministries amid economic hardships.

After the assessment, the MotP Committee decided to merge the Ministry of Sports and the Ministry of Recreation, while retaining the name Ministry of Recreation. Out of this assessment, a new ministry will be transferred from a departmental status under the Ministry of Utilities; the Department of Health will become the Ministry of Health, allowing the MoH more autonomy, a larger budget, and a wider spectrum of operations.
MoD Satellite Crash-Landed in Jumaanian Wilderness
JUMAANIA- As the Ministry of Defense satellite Octagon repositioned itself over Libya, following the Tirnreich's support of NATO operations in the country, a malfunction occurred, sending the satellite careening into the atmosphere. The Octagon was moving into position after providing geographical surveying for research teams in Antarctica; network technicians at the Tirnlander MoD cited a magnetic discharge from an unknown source as the reason for the satellite's literal downfall.

The only problem was thought to be the crashing of the satellite, since it landed in friendly territory, Tirnlander Jumaania. However, the problems arose when it was determined that the satellite landed in nomad-controlled wilderness; a 2010 agreement was reached between Tirnlander officials and tribal chiefs during the Jumaanian Reconstruction outlining certain jurisdictions between Imperial police and tribal security.

Currently, Jumaanian officials are in talks with tribal leaders about the situation.

TirnGlobal Logistics to Expand
NACHTSBURG, Tirnreich- With the recent closure of a lease deal with Shushtrepisatz, TirnGlobal Logistics is now the most profitable and expanding public corporation in the Tirnreich. At the signing of the lease deal, TGL came into possession of real estate in the Kerikon District, among other ventures, such as Express Zones in Das'gostn International Airport and Angels Bay Seaport.

This comes in as TGL management released a statement during their Summer Press Release that a major overhaul was being made and easier access by AIN members to TGL will be available.
IFV to Expand in 2012
HIMMELSTOR, Tirnreich- Imperial Fussball Verband Commissioner Dmitri Kadsrif told Chronicle reporters that the league will be expanding in 2012, pending a revision of the IFV Charter, which currently prohibits associated football clubs from expanding outside the Hauptprovinz, which is the province that Nachtsburg, the capital, and much of the Tirnreich's urban areas are located in. The reason this is in effect is because the IFV Administration fears economic woes and low attendance may cripple small town teams before they can play a full season; however, recent polls show that country towns and the few other cities are ready to accept football teams.

"The real problem is finding the money to get them started." says Commissioner Kadsrif, "Once we find the money to set them up, I'm very confident that the members of the local community will rise up and support their local team."

Many of the teams the IFV are rumored to found in 2012 are mostly teams from the Imperial Province Football Federation, or Kaiserliche Provinz Fußballverband (KPFv), which is a type of semi-pro/feeder program which supports inter-community play between villages, towns, and cities inside their respective provinces. Teams rumored to be brought up to professional play include:
  • Gaubja Cossacks
  • Norgenspaar Vikings (may be renamed FV Norgenspaar)
  • Kaiser Insel Seemann (It means "Sailor" )
  • Himmelstor Engeln
  • Guels Park Astronauten
  • Mokolo Warriors
Ministry of Recreation to Organize Tirnreich's First Music Festival
SUDFELD, Tirnreich- While the southern fields of Hekli once housed corn rows and wheat farms, it has since been built-up as a stadium park for housing sports tournaments. While future IFV expansions may help put this area to use by offering space for teams to play, the MoR is organizing the first-ever music festival, to be known as the Empire Music Festival.

Many international acts from Europe, the United States, and further around the world will be scheduled, although a large focus will be placed on bands in the Tirnreich and her international colonies.
Spree of Murders in Capital Spark Investigations
NACHTSBURG, Tirnreich- Last week, several murders were committed in the South Banks district of Nachtsburg, more specifically the Iron Way neighborhood. Nachtsburg PD have started a multi-precinct investigation into the murders, which were committed in the industrial sector of the South Banks district; this is a very sensitive investigation, as a residential neighborhood (Firien Springs) is directly adjacent to Iron Way.

The Ministry of Investigations, along with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, launched a "campaign of safety," as stated by Internal Affairs Minister Gottfried. Both Ministries pledged detectives, undercover officers, and police liaisons to neighborhoods around the affected area.

Tirnreich to get Printing Press
NACHTSBURG, Tirnreich- The Ministry of Economics, along with the Foreign Ministry's Union Affairs Division, has released a statement detailing the license the Tirnreich has received to construct an AINERO mint in the country. The Ministry of Economics believes that this will have a positive effect on the economy, both by providing jobs for workers in the mint as well as boosted exports for the country.

It is currently unknown whether the Union will provide transportation for AINERO bills, but if the Tirnreich secures the responsibility, TirnGlobal Logistics will likely provide secure transportation.
Expo '11 Host Announced
FLUGSTADT, Tirnreich- As the entire Union waited in angst as members voted on two bid cities to host the AIN Expo, one bid was sneaking ahead of the rest.

Congratulations to Liberator's City, Atlantic Federation, for winning the bid to host AIN Expo '11!

Every member of the AIN will be participating, creating pavilions for their country, as well as sharing information such as culture, cuisine, transportation, customs, etc. with the rest of the attendees.
Octagon Satellite Recovery Attempt Explodes
WAKIGNA, Jumaania- In the wake of the Octagon satellite incident, TDF forces stationed in Jumaania have mobilized to the crash site in Mercedes-Benz G230's, prepared for anything. Accompanying them are 2 of the IAF-J's UH-1SOG gunships, providing air cover for the expedition.

However, once the soldiers arrived in the township, the Bgoni Tribe launched a violent insurgency against the encroaching forces. Initial casualties included S.Sgt. Broderick "Brodie" Salzgard, 9th Co., 42nd Battalion, and the Chronicle's own expeditionary investigator, Earnest Giffard. The soldiers have since been embattled for several days, and Jumaanian Gov. Khombass has mobilized the 1st Reaction Battalion of the Jumaanian militia.

This marks the first time the TDF and Jumaanian forces have worked together in a combat situation. Usually, such a response would only be warranted by a foreign incursion; however, the Bgoni tribe have been known to have relations and have been aided by the Namibians. If the Bgoni got custody of the satellite, it may end up in the hands of Namibia, with which the Tirnreich has a rivalry with.

TDF troops on their way to recover the Octagon.[/centre]
Nail in Minister Corbin Holbaek's Coffin Hit Right on the Head
GUELS PARK, Tirnreich- For many living and working in the Tirnreich, the investigation of Transportation Minister Holbaek has been drawn out and is filled with anger and vengeance. After it was discovered in 2010 that Holbaek had misused funds that were meant for the MoT. Since then, the Ministry of Investigations has frozen the majority of MoT assets, forcing the MoT to lay off over 580 employees.

The tragedy in the case was revealed when Holbaek's accounts were brought into the trial; quite a bit of his illegal spending included private houses in expensive tax havens, personal "transportation," (cars, private helicopters, etc) as well as illegally redirecting finances to subsidizing assets friendly to Holbaek, while not necessarily to the Tirnreich.

The final nail in Holbaek's coffin was hit when a young woman stepped into the Baden-Stadt Police Station, requesting to see a detective investigating the Transport Minister's case. She revealed to investigators that she used to be a prostitute, "working" the streets in Baden-Stadt. (prostitution is legal in the Empire, however "street practice" is strictly prohibited; on top of this, government employees are prohibited from the practice of Vice) She also revealed that Holbaek had assaulted her after she approached him to discuss the bounced check Holbaek wrote. (this was between syphon-transactions that the Minister executed when he was running low on cash)

Investigators have released a statement detailing their case so far.

"The case has really come together in the past few weeks. Although the young woman that came in last week sealed the fate of the Minister, the case was readily available for us to prosecute from day 1. We just wanted enough evidence to get Min. Holbaek dead-to-rights on the charges. There will be no squirming out of this investigation."

The case is due to go in front of Supreme Justice Gatson of the Imperial Supreme Court by 12 October 2011.

Holbaek during the release of the statement detailing the misappropriation of funds.[/centre]

Tirnreich to Host Groundbreaking Festival
NACHTSBURG- Ever since last month's IC article about the Empire Music Festival hit the press, the folks at the Recreation Ministry have been hard at work organizing an Earth-shattering festival, filled with entertainment. The committee has called in 6 world-class headlining acts, who will headline in pairs each day. (one opening, one closing)

Apart from the headlining acts, the entertainment will come from all corners of the earth, in almost evert form you can imagine. Bands from all over the world will be present, from blues musicians from Toronto, to hardcore metal bands from Finland. Food vendors from around Europe and the world over will be present, serving foods such as gyros, cannolis, tacos, stir fry, etc. Other great areas to check out include the Indy Art Tent, where Festival-goers can observe, trade, and purchase unique and memorable art of all kinds from independent artists; there's the Fluid Bones Stage, which the world-class dance company, Fluid Bones, will perform; lastly for our promo, Festival-goers will be treated to a festival-only football game, played between the two popular KPFv teams that will have been chosen to join the IFV.


What: Empire Music Festival
When: TBA
Where: Sudfeld, Tirnreich
KPFv Get Media Spotlight
MOKOLO, Jumaania- In the most recent KPFv matches, the Minister of Sports is making one team the "featured team" for a week, giving the two weekly games played by each team good media attention. This week's featured team are the Drennen Engineers, who call Engineer Field in Drennen home. The first game the Engineers played was against the southern African powerhouse, the Mokolo Warriors, which was played in Mokolo on 11 July; on 15 July, the Engineers were home in Drennen, playing the Himmelstor Engeln.

Drennen Engineers 3-2 Mokolo Warriors
Drennen Engineers 4-1 Himmelstor Engeln

In other KPFv news, the Guels Park Astronauten lose 1-4 against FC Osttor.
Tirnlander IFV to Start Play on 11.12.11
NACHTSBURG, Tirnreich- Official league play of the Imperial Fussbal Verband will commence on Saturday, 12 November 2011. The primary match of the day, which starts at 15:00, will feature two IFV titans; the Nachtsburg Empire will face the Hekli Reds in Nachtsburg, at Empire Stadion, as keeping tradition. Pre-game shows and events will be featured on the TV and around the country, as millions of citizens turn their backs on their homes and head to parks, bars, stadiums, or the annual early winter celebration Kaiserfest in order to watch the first matches of the Tirnreich's beloved sport.

As a precursor of official play, the two new teams added this fall, Guels Park Astronauten and Mokolo Warriors, will be playing a Friendly match in Sudfeld on 11 November 2011. The Emperor announced the day to be called the Empire's first "Imperial Diem Pax," marked as the first friendly sporting and cultural relations between the Imperial colony of Jumaania and the Tirnreich. This day marks the beginning of Kaiserfest, the annual early-winter festival across the Tirnreich.
Occupy Nachtsburg Protests Sprout Up Near Banks, Ministry Buildings
NACHTSBURG, Tirnreich- The PdN (Polizei des Nactsburg [Police of Nachtsburg]) received reports weeks ago of protesters connected to Occupy Wall Street amassing at parks and financial institutions around Nachtsburg. While protests in the US have been generally peaceful and nonviolent, PdN are preparing for the worst, as Grand Commissioner Franz Jurkenheim, overseer of police activity in the Capital region, and Minister of Internal Affairs Gottfried requested the readiness of riot squads, mobile command centers, as well as regular police patrols by the protesting sites.

Occupy Nachtsburg protesters are now on their 3rd week of demonstrating outside Palast der Wirtschaft, [Palace of the Economy] among other places, standing in unity with those across the globe.

However, the OccNacht assembly has stated that the following are unique interest of the group:
+Detatchment from the AINERO, and return to the Tirn Mark, the old currency phased out by the Imperial government in 2010.
+Push for observer status in the AIN, rather than full member status, citing membership supports economic inequality and capitalist ideals
+Relief on high taxes, while increasing the amount of socialized industries

Capitalist groups, including Gilde der Tirnlander Kapitalisten (or GdTK [Guild of Tirnlander Capitalists]) which sitting Economics Minister Heinz Colwaal and Directer of Trade Jens Friedheit are apart of, have denounced the protests, stating that Union membership was a big part of Imperial independence, and the Empire relies heavily on trade with fellow Union-members, such as Cattala, Corraile, and Illu'a.

The Imperial government currently runs socialized healthcare, education, banking, and utilities, while it subsidizes construction and media.

Report Indicates EMP Blamed for Octagon Crash
MOKOLO, Jumaania- At the Baron Guisil Air Force Base in Mokolo, scientists have spent months trying to figure out why the military satellite Octagon had crashed. Initial reports indicated that a magnetic discharges was to fault, but scientists were skeptical, and the in-depth investigation started.

6 Months later, scientists from both the IAC and the Imperial Space Research Centre have concluded that the satellite was brought down using EMP disruption.

"Based on the level of damage on the satellite, as well as the functionality of the internals, our team has gathered information linking a sub-nuclear EMP missile explosion to the satellite's damage," Dr. Derek Leids explained. "A whole panel was blown off of the body, exposing internal circuitry to the explosion, resulting in literal fried circuits on the exposed section of the satellite. If the Octagon wasn't so well built, it would have exploded during re-entry into the atmosphere."

When asked whether or not the source of the explosion could be traced, Dr. Leids said "We are still unsure at this time."
Strain of Viruses Cripple Rural Villages, Moving Towards Capital Region
PJRELKA, Tirnreich- In this small village of 358, a rampant killer has revealed itself. Its name: vD330. This virus doesn't have a scientific name yet, as scientists have been slow to respond to this growing epidemic; already, 17 deaths across 8 villages in rural Tirnreich have been reported. The vD330 virus seems to be an augmented flu bug, with high fever and even immune system-weakening capabilities. The Department for Disease Research, a part of the Ministry of Health, has dispatched identification and sterilization teams to these rural towns, hoping to get an idea of what is slowly creeping close to the heavily populated Capital Region.

The closest infection to the capital was at Westrok, a mere 27 km away. The death toll is as was stated 17, and the infection number is 46, and quickly rising.
First Soldier Awarded the Grand Imperial Medal of Honor
NACHTSBURG, Tirnreich- Emperor Konrad von Nacht awarded Captain Ulrich Devaki of south Hekli the Grand Imperial Medal of Honor, posthumously. The ceremony included Minister of Defense Lutz, Prime Minister Kohl, Grand Imperial Justice Sedert, and the Devaki family; it took place in the Imperial Palace, and there will be another at Cpt. Devaki's burial site at Hochgrund.

The GIMoH has never been awarded to anyone, and is the second highest military honor a Tirnlander can achieve. It is only given to those who commit a great act of selflessness and bravery in the service of the Empire; Cpt Devaki was awarded the medal for his actions on Day 89 of the Acijnistan War, during the Great Sands Campaign. Cpt. Devaki was an armored infantryman, and was a commander of a Leopard 2a6 Tank; the Acijnistani army was in retreat, and had set up several ambush points along the Kujna Road. His armored column was traversing this road when several IED's erupted under the tank in front of him. Devaki ordered the tank formation to create a protective perimeter around the crippled tank, putting his tank in the front of enemy fire. Devaki jumped off the tank, and hauled each injured body from the destroyed tank into a MedEvac vehicle, receiving two bullet wounds in the process. After that, Devaki took his SG551 carbine and led a charge of four men against the ambush force, which led to the elimination of the threat, as well as an end to Cpt. Devaki's life.

Emperor von Nacht has commissioned a statue in Devaki's honor to be erected at Hochgrund, the military honor grounds.

VD330 Virus Story Develops, MoH Declares Epidemic
GREZEL, Tirnreich- Health Minister Vindeski declared the vD330 virus infections an "epidemic" in a press release on 20.12.11. The virus has thus far killed 20 and infected 60 in the rural villages. Scientists are continually scrambling for living infected tissue to biopsy, hopefully leading the scientists to answers.

One answer seems to have popped up in the face of suffering, yet it leads to chilling realizations and more problems. Several labs, including labs no.2 and no.4 of the Disease Control Dept., have confirmed that the virus is seemingly only affecting those with the gene eACG2, which is believed to discern the presence of Aryan and sub-Aryan (Tirnlander) ethnic coding. The DCD and the Minister of Health are holding off on declaring this epidemic a "bioweapon," citing public safety and panic.

As of press time, the virus is believed to be transferred via bodily fluid interaction and insect bites. Tests are currently undergoing to test airborne transferability,
IFV Empire and Union Teams Enter UFF
NACHTSBURG, Tirnreich- The Minister of Recreation, Davil Crzajkow, was present in the MoR's Franciscan Room with the UFF Commissioner and the general managers of the Nachtsburg Empire and Hekli Union. The reason behind the meeting in the famous room is the signing of the Empire and Union into the UFF football league.

"The MoR and I are confident these two powerful teams will bring honor and many victories to the IFV and the Empire." said Minister Crzajkow in a press release. "I am confident the teams will play fair and with dignity for the Empire."

Teams Union and Empire are positions 1 and 2, respectively, in the Imperial Fussball Verband as of the conclusion of the season on 18.12.11. The reason the Union's northern counterparts, the Hekli Reds, aren't returning to international club play is the recent legislation of the MoR, in partnership with the IFV, which states that one team from each division, West and East, must represent the IFV in international club matches.
Syrian Military Atrocities Condemned by Emperor
NACHTSBURG, Tirnreich- In a somewhat rare public television appearance, Emperor Konrad von Nacht appeared on Nachtsburg 1 network to issue a message concerning the recent reports of Syrian military raids and attacks on peaceful protestors and civilians. His Imperial Highness's short speech denounced Syrian oppression and stressed a ceasefire of the military.

"Good evening, Grand Empire of the Tirnreich. I am your Emperor, speaking to you in response to the violent and heinous oppression the Syrian government is raining down on peaceful protestors and innocent peoples. These acts have targeted "terrorists" and "revolutionaries" who "attacked military outposts." However, reliable reports from inside Syria confirms that the military is attacking innocent people, raiding their homes and killing relentlessly, all because these people believe in democracy. I strongly condemn these acts, and ask for a ceasefire of the military on the civilian population. Even those who are given orders to kill are resisting and deserting the military forces, leading to them dyeing as passive martyrs. I urge the Arab League and the rest of the international community to intervene in any plausible way as soon as possible, to save the free-thinking people of Syria. May God bless the persecuted, and may God bless our Country. Lange leben fur der Reich."

The broadcast was sent to all state-run and many independent news and broadcasting services, including Radio Zero (State news radio) and VEN Channel 13.
Kaiser Island Development Progressing
KAISER INSEL, Kaiser Inselprovinz- As the island colony's first Christmas draws near, province administrator Colonel Rugel says "development is going well." Col Rugel, the commander of the Pacific Expeditionary Force, which was the first Tirnlander presence on the island, is the mayor of the town of Rugel's Landing and administrator of the island. Nearly 6,000 government-funded personnel are present on or near the island, including 2,000 military personnel and over 1,500 TirnGlobal Logistics contractors.

The island has no civilian personnel on it yet, even though civilian housing has been built by contractors. The first fully independent civilians are believed to be on schedule to arrive on the island for the second week of January. Logging, equipment and material storage, and commercial operations are currently underway on Kaiser Island, paving the way for civilians to integrate seamlessly into island life.
First Day of Hanukkah Marked by Emperor
NACHTSBURG, Tirnreich- Emperor Konrad von Nacht marked the beginning of the 8-day Jewish celebration of Hanukkah with the lighting of the Menorah at the Palast der Culture in the Capital District of Nachtsburg today. The Menorah will be lit for each day of the Jewish holiday, being done by the High Priest of the Tirnlander Synagogue Rabbi Havat Mendelschtic, under the supervision of Emperor Konrad von Nacht and the Minister of Culture.

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