Side Project :: Abbott City

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Side Project :: Abbott City

Post by Liberater444 » March 11th 2012, 8:30 am

This project is called the Abbott Metropolitan Project, or AMP. It's quite heavily based on Chicago, with elements of New York and Seattle. It is composed of 67 districts, and would sit along America's East coast.


North Side
Iron Side
West Side
East Side
South Side
Indicates an Area Admin Center

Grendel Park
Byetha Way
Port Abbot
Rail City
Warehouse District
Iron Coast
Edison Estates
North Abbott
The Hill
Radio Village
[1] Transportation District
City Hall
Abbott Park
Gold Coast
Toma Park
Financial District
Hewson Village
Canal City
Balzary Park
[Siggart] The Village
Little Vilnius
Abbott Heights
Bush City
Little Israel
Kiedis Beach
Gibbard Beach
Talbot Center
Dawson Center
Farrell Heights
Edge City
Sonna Hill
South Side
Abbott Island
Sullivan City
Shadow's Gate

Greenbrier- Commercial center of the near suburbs, with some residential suburbs.
Convention- Houses the Abbott Metro Convention Center.
Lakemoor- "Gold Coast of the North," wealthy residential neighborhood. Home of the North Side Admin Center.
Grendel Park- Northern beach resort area, home to several hotels.
Byetha Way- Follows the path of the Byetha Canal, separates upper class in the west and north, and lower class to the east. (of the canal)
Alton- Host district of Greenbelt Academy, a private school. The Greenbelt Expressway (NW Rt 3) runs through as well.
Northwater- Small amount of lower class residential; hosts the Abbott Metro Water Purification Plant.
Northshire- Aka "Little England," home to several underground pubs. Shares a border of the Metro-Northwest Line (train) with Alton.
Newton- Middle class neighborhood. The Abbott County Penitentiary is located here.
Pierview- Transit district, redirects rail lines to and from Port Abbott and Rail City, Seaton Tollway and Metro-North Line runs through Pierview.
Port Abbot- Medium cargo port. 40% of all freight comes in through this port.
Rail City- Consists of a rail yard, which handles 45% of all freight that comes to the AMP. Also has industrial factories in the Northwest.
Carnegie- Named for the famous industrialist, Carnegie is home to many flats whose residents work in Port Abbot and Pierview. Iron Side Admin Center.
Industrial- Factory center of AMP.
Rustwood- Includes housing for workers that work in Industrial and Rail City.
Warehouse District- Consists mostly of industrial warehouses, storage, and "clean" industry.
Iron Coast- Industrial lots in the north, and low class housing in the south.
Edison Estates- Houses the Abbott Metro Power Plant, as well as workers that work in the Iron Coast.
Waldon- Low-cost hotel neighborhood.
North Abbott- Lower wealth residential center.
Westfield- Mixed-use neighborhood.
Uptown- Administered as a neighborhood by the Downtown district alderman, aka the Mayor. The Northburg Train Station is located here.
The Hill- Located between the wealthy Downtown and middle class Westfield and Wallview districts, the extreme poor in The Hill is thanks to budget cuts in the 80's.
Downtown- Located in this district is Sadlum Park, Franklin Square, Abbott City Hall, and the central business district.
Chinatown- Majority of Asian immigrants that come to the city live here. Quite cramped and dirty.
Wallview- Middle class residential neighborhood.
Radio Village- Home to several news and TV studios, as well as broadcast (radio) stations and newspaper buildings. Also houses Radio Stadium.
[1] Transportation District- The Lordtown Expressway (South Hwy. Rt. 43) and the Metro-West, Metro-SouthWest, and Metro-South rail lines.
City Hall- Although this district doesn't house the actual City Hall, it does house the County Offices, Abbott Metro Courthouse, and the James P. Oslo Federal Bldg.
Easton- Recreational complexes dot this south-central "downtown" district.
Abbott Park- Once a residential neighborhood when Abbott Park was a village, it is now largely a recreational park.
Gold Coast- Extremely wealthy neighborhood, you'll find multi-million dollar mansions and estates, quite rare so close to downtown.
Toma Park- A quiet park area, ringed with residential zones.
Southwood- A lower class district, with the Abbott Canal running through it.
Financial District- The southern business district, the Financial Dist. houses the most amount of skyscrapers outside of Downtown.
Hewson Village- The nearest hotel and beach neighborhood to downtown. Has several great outdoor music venues.
Canal City- Divided by the Abbott Canal, the wealthy live in the west and north of the Abbott Canal, which is also the location of Hammond University
Balzary Park- Home to the Balzary Golf Club, as well as several sports complexes and a park, BP is also a nice residential area.
[Siggart] The Village- Long-known as the Art District, Siggart was once a part of the Bakerville village.
Memorial- Home to the World War II memorial, the Vietnam War memorial, as well as the Balkan Genocide memorial.
Central- Houses the West Side Admin Center, along with a small tower district.
Baldwin- Aka the Theatre District, Baldwin houses much of the nightlife of the southwestern districts.
Smithville- The Metro-West Line runs through Smithville, making the district the "gateway" to the western suburbs.
Little Vilnius- An immigrant community for Lithuanians straight off the boat, Little Vilnius is also cramped and poor, a la Chinatown.
Warner- The closest suburb to downtown. Headquarters of the Greater Abbott Metro Transit Authority (CAMTA).
Carter- This district is bisected by Baker Avenue, a diagonal street that runs through Bakersville. Home to the Carter Memorial Convention Center.
Abbott Heights- The western edge of the lower class "progressive" districts. Severely poor.
Bush City- Famed for the Bushland Hills, Bush City is a middle class neighborhood that starkly contrasts its northern and eastern neighbors.
Prospect- Apart form the Eastern edge, Prospect is quite poor and dangerous, requiring 3 full time police precincts.
Little Israel- Collection of Israeli immigrants. It differs from its cousins, Chinatown and Little Vilnius, as it is quite safe, profitable, and relatively spacious.
Kiedis Beach- Home to the most amount of hotels south of Downtown, Kiedis Beach is a popular day-trip destination for many.
Eastpoint- A small residential community of wealthy businessmen and the most expensive hotel in the Metro (Hotel Aradostar) are the only tenants of this peninsula.
Gibbard Beach- Another beach-district, Gibbard Beach is actually mostly private estates living on the coast, rather than public beaches.
Talbot Center- Industrial area of the South side.
Albarntown- Blue collar residential neighborhood.
Dawson Center- Home to the High tech industry of the AMP, Dawson Center is also famous for its oddly-placed residences.
Farrell Heights- Although mostly poor Farrell Heights hosts several farmer's markets and open-air markets.
Edge City- Famous for its music scene, Edge City is a popular destination for south side clubbers and music connoisseurs.
Temple- Home to the first and largest Synagogue in the AMP, the largest Roman Catholic church in the AMP, and the first Mosque.
Sonna Hill- The famous Sonna Hill is the center piece of this district, which offers fantastic views of the South side.
South Side- Industry, retail, and residential mix in the namesake of the South side Community Area.
Shoreville- Once a suburb, this district quickly attracted middle class citizens due to its proximity to Abbott Island.
Abbott Island- Named after a residentially occupied island in the middle of the Charnow Canal, this is the southern home of the super-rich.
Charnow- Named after the canal that runs through it, Charnow is a retail and residential center for the far-South side.
Leavenworth- Southern warehouse district, high crime and higher unemployment.
Sullivan City- Sullivan City has many hi-rise apartment towers located here, to house many Dawson Center workers in the confined space of the district.
Tanbrook- Southern transit district, although falls short of the volume that the Rail City, Transport, or Uptown districts receive.
Shadow's Gate- The Waverly Tollway (SW Hwy. Rt. 62) runs through this district, which is mostly low wealth residential, but is gaining popularity.
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Re: Side Project :: Abbott City

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