Exaletas Shipping Centre (Trade Deals)

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Exaletas Shipping Centre (Trade Deals)

Post by Nilo7 » December 27th 2011, 7:49 pm

All active trade deals are listed below by country. If you want to open up trade relations, please post in the diplomacy thread HERE.

Lower Columbia (7 deals) [16,000 jobs]

Company Name: Duvall Motor Company
Industry: Automobiles
Facilities Requested: 1 factory, 1 dealership, Atlantic regional offices (all in Stagerus)
Jobs Created: 1,500 @ factory, 40 @ dealership, 560 @ regional HQ; total: 2,000

Company Name: Eqvist Industries
Industry: Heavy manufacturing (in this case, shipbuilding)
Facilities Requested: 1 shipyard (you decidee the location)
Jobs Created: 6,000

Company Name: Keller Marine Architecture
Industry: Shipbuilding
Facilities Requested: 1 shipyard (you decide the location)
Jobs Created: 5,500

Company Name: Mogul Machines, Inc.
Industry: Information technology
Facilities Requested: 1 microchip plant (in Koletas)
Jobs Created: 500

Company Name: Télécharge Media
Industry: Information technology
Facilities Requested: 1 regional office (in Stagerus)
Jobs Created: 750

Company Name: Kungsbank
Industry: Banking
Facilities Requested: 10 bank branches (various locations throughout Exaletas), 1 regional HQ (in Koletas)
Jobs Created: 50 per bank branch, 500 (regional HQ); total: 1,000

Company Name: Hellas TV
Industry: Entertainment media (primarily television)
Facilities Requested: 1 TV studio
Jobs Created: 250

Corraile (4 deals)

Cattala (3 deals) [1,100 jobs]

> Mobile phone service provider
> 500 jobs

> Pharmaceuticals
> 600 jobs


[strike]-Mars Company (Lorenta) of Exaletas
>Cruise ships for IAC International of Cattala[/strike]

Okatabawashi (2 trade deals)


-Shizoko, Ion and Sundao Technologies-
>Computer technology


-Sokoya Heavy Industries (Shushtrepistaz) of Exaletas
>Aircraft carriers
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