Ministry of African and Foreign Affairs

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Ministry of African and Foreign Affairs

Post by SGJason » January 1st 2012, 8:06 pm


Ministère des Affaires Africaines et Étrangères

Welcome to Minister of African Affairs and Foreign. This Minister is the second most important ministry after Minister of Home Affairs and Defense.

Find coming soon here all information about relationship and list of Embassy of Giant Bay with the world![/centre]

List of Diplomatic Mission:

Legend >
Black: Our glorious nation
Green: Countries with a Giant Bay's Embassy
Dark Blue (Switzerland): No Embassy, but a permanent diplomatic representation with U.N.
Light Blue: European Union (permanent mission of Giant Bay in Brussels (Belgium))
Orange: African Union (permanent mission of Giant Bay in Addis-Ababa (Ethiopia))

Relationship with countries IRL:

Dark Blue: Excellent Relation (With Morocco for our encouragement in Morocco's People to keep a good national unity and for good relation between King of Morocco and Duke of Giant Bay - Botswana for its good democracy and liberty "It's a symbol to a good future in Africa" Duke H.LeGrand 21/07/2006)
Blue: Good Relation
Yellow: Neutral Relation
Orange: Bad Relation
Red: Very Bad Relation (Relations with Libya are uncertain at this time.)
Gray: No Specially Relation

Relationship with others countries of AIN:

Coming Soon

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