Retro | The take-off years

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Retro | The take-off years

Post by Gregor » October 5th 2018, 9:10 pm

from October 5 to January 22 the Okataian Museum of Graphical Arts in Oka City will be presenting a retrospective on Airline posters and their influence

Image Oriental Airways flight 77 - OkaCity to Los Angeles
It was in 1972, our global economy entered it's stage of 'late capitalism' - a new logic was born and thus have entered a new historical period : Postmodernism.

If America's symbolic entrace into postmodernity was the destruction of the Pruitt Igoe housing estate in Saint Louis. Oka's entrance into this new period of history was on June the 8th 1972 when the largest commercial aircraft on earth took off for the first time in Oka, this was Oriental Airways Flight 77

Image 1972 Poster for Oriental Airways
Suddenly Okataian's could dream to go to America and Europe, and Oriental Airways had especially focused on California as a key getaway. Many Okataian already lived in California, and new possibilites were given : Orange County and Oka were closer than ever

Image 1972 Poster for Oriental Airways
Okataian Graphical artists explored a new world, far away from what any graphists in Asia had done until now, gone where the flashy clours, the intricate and complicated patterns, minimalism was in, this was an aesthetic for a new nation

Image 1972 Poster for Oriental Airways
If Korea has the Miracle of the Han river, and Teiko the miracle of the Aoi river, Oka's economic boom in the 1970's was symbolised by this very plane, this was brave new nation that was taking off, and gave the expression "The takeoff years"

Image Glamour, the skies was were the show was
_____________ Image Oka City AIN Cultural Capital 2018
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Re: Retro | The take-off years

Post by aranho » October 5th 2018, 9:37 pm

So simple. So classy. I like!
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Re: Retro | The take-off years

Post by jayguum » October 7th 2018, 12:15 pm

I really like it, reminding me about all those good old Days that i don't remember :lol:
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