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Address on maturity

Post by Zack » June 8th 2014, 4:20 am

Earlier today, I came on Skype and read a discussion between a certain few of our members on some troll applications they were posting on another union's forums. It didn't bother me at the time, due in part to which union they were trolling, but after discussing the matter with my staff, I believe these actions reflect poorly on the Alliance. To begin, let me give all of you a brief history lesson.

Today isn't the first time that some of our members have trolled another union by posting fake applications to it. Two years ago, another group of AIN members posted troll apps at the AOWN's website, which resulted in this union address by the president at the time. He was angry with the members involved in that incident, and rightly so. By posting troll applications elsewhere, those members disrespected the AOWN and its membership, and they made the AIN look immature and tactless. Those of you who were involved in today's incident have done the same to this other union (which should not be named here), and have likewise brought shame and disrepute on the Alliance.

But that's not all that's wrong with what happened today. The members who trolled the AOWN in 2012 didn't have a clear set of rules to follow, but you do, and here's what they say about how you should behave on other sites:
The union rules wrote:4. Members should represent the union on other sites with proper conduct.
  1. Proper conduct includes, but is not limited to: showing respect for other members and their opinions, helping new members, offering constructive criticism, and any behavior which may be classified as selfless, considerate, helpful or creative.
  2. Improper conduct includes, but is not limited to: reacting to a member's out-of-character behavior with in-character consequences, destructive or unconstructive criticism, rudeness, needless threats and ultimatums, selfish acts that lead to wider consequences for others, and ignorance.
While posting false applications to another union isn't listed above, it should be self-evident that such behavior could never qualify as proper conduct. If I have to, though, I'll go ahead and add it to my latest bill.

Furthermore, as you should all be aware by now, before you can apply to another union for any reason, you have to apply for dual membership in the Membership Office. None of the members who posted troll applications asked for dual membership (and I wouldn't have granted it anyway, given the purpose it would have served), and therefore, they broke yet another of the union's laws. I am tempted to punish those involved, but due to their ages and clean disciplinary records, I'll simply offer the following advice.

Everything you do reflects not only on you as a person, but on the groups you represent. You have the benefit of youth to excuse your immaturity now, but it won't be long before you're old enough to be held responsible for your mistakes. Learn from this mistake, be grateful for the leniency I'm showing you, and don't make the same mistake again. I assure you, I won't be so merciful next time.
Those of you who posted troll applications have until midnight BST on Monday, June 9 (7:00pm EST tomorrow) to remove those applications. Failure to do so will result in a three-day suspension.
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