Why the Bill?

By kendallhart808
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Why the Bill?

Post by kendallhart808 » January 6th 2017, 3:28 am

Those of you who are in the Skype chat know a little bit about this, but I really haven't told a lot besides some of the stats. So when I was applying, I made two stat errors. The first was in the GDPPC which in turn affects the GDP and the other in the HDI. It is highly likely that I used a source from 2010 to calculate by GDP and GDPPC. That being said, it's now 2017 and the BEA released statistics in December regarding state GDP's for 2016. I have provided the link for that below so that you can access it. I have adjusted the GDPPC of Alabama to match that of Missouri because the states have a similar landscape being that there is one large city and then other medium sized cities around them, with a lot of farming and rural areas in between.

On a similar a topic, Carolina also does not take into the population from the three key cities, Savanne, Bayonne la Vella, and Siniege. If you don't know where Siniege is, it is the coastal city of about 1 mil. I sometimes forget about it, but applied with city builder images from Siniege. My method for finding out the new population, is i took the 2016 estimate of each state except for the ones that would be changed. For the ones that changed, I either subtracted out the metro population of the area the city was replacing (in the case of Montgomery to Bayonne la Vella and Savannah to Savanne) or added the metro area to the total (in the case of Siniege which does not replace a city). I did not use the 3 mil. estimate for Savanne that is on the wiki, instead I used the population metro of the Carolina Capital District, from it's wiki which is much much less. For Siniege I took the metro of Norfolk, Virginia which the city is based on, but subtracted 23,000 to make sure the cities were not to close. Since the Warsiene Islands do not exist, I used the population of Oahu, Hawaii for the biggest island, and then the United States Virgin Islands plus the British Virgin Islands for the other islands.

One more thing. This is where the major trade off comes into play. When I did my HDI, I 100% guessed. I knew it needed to be lower than the United States but i didn't want it to be that low. I recently found a map comparing the HDI of each state to that of another country. Since the US uses another HDI system which I cannot convert to regular HDI, I decided to use the map. The map is also below. The new HDI is a average of each state's HDI, except I used a number slightly lower than Slovenia for Alabama since the dynamic has greatly changed to make Alabama similar to the highly developed economic centers of North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. The HDI for Alabama in this calculation is 0.865.

By now you are all probably very tired of reading my rationale for why I am creating this proposal. I just wanted to say that I understand that this is my fault and that I needed to research this better. I want to make it right, I want to make sure that the country is perfectly where it should be. That being said, I also understand that there is rule about this, and that if this is striked down, its my fault that I did not get this in at the beginning. I really want to fix it, so all will be well, but i also understand.

Here is that HDI Map:
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