Electoral Process

By R.H. Kobayashi
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Electoral Process

Post by rhkobayashi » May 31st 2017, 3:52 pm

Electoral Process in Wilfran and Rapha Wilfran and Rapha elects at national level a head of state - the President - and a Legislature. The President is elected for a four-year term by a simple majority. Parliament has two chambers. The Federal Chamber of Deputies has 24 members and the Federal Senate has 9 members, Both elected for a four-year term by a simple majority.

  1. Political Party
  • ____ Conservative Party of the Economic Union [Right]
  • ____ National Party of the Republic [Center-Right]
  • ____ Republican Social Party [Center-Right]
  • ____ Green Party [Center]
  • ____ Libertarian Party [Center]
  • ____ Popular Democratic Party [Center-Left]
  • ____ Progressive Family Party [Center-Left]
  • ____ Blue Party of Workers' Revolution [Left]

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