AINVision Neu Westfalen | Domestic Representatives

AINVision Song Contest 2014 - live from Zenebach, Neu Westfalen!
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Re: AINVision Neu Westfalen | Domestic Representatives

Post by Logan » May 6th 2014, 10:29 pm

Representative: Emilie Sveistrup
Background: Sveistrup is new on the scene in Lovedelund. The 23 year old native actress/presenter has already received critical acclaim for her debut series I Mørke, a LDTV1 original series. She has been nominated for and received several awards for her performances at the 2013 Liaa Film Festival in Liaa, Ryjukken County. Emilie is currently the host of LDTV2's talk show program Ny i Dag.
Image Link: ... bc5bba.jpg

Image Link: ... 1-stor.jpg
Location: LDTV Station 1, Kirkebakken Municipality, Kirkebakken

Note: Location image is a placeholder as I do not have any images of the completed area in SC4.
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Re: AINVision Neu Westfalen | Domestic Representatives

Post by Piterdaw1 » May 8th 2014, 1:41 pm

Representative: Jessica Almenäs
Background: Jessica Almenäs is a Govish and Swedish TV personality, former model and basketball player. She is a personality in Govish channel TVG and Swedish TV4. She represented Sweden at Miss World 1998. She will be also presenter at AIN Lillies 2014, organised in Port Andrews.
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Re: AINVision Neu Westfalen | Domestic Representatives

Post by Gregor » May 9th 2014, 9:48 am

Representative: Tiffany Leung
Background: Tiffany Leung is a famous idol in Okatabawashi, she was in the group "4U" and now appears on many TV shows, she co-hosts a show called "Sakamizoooooo" on OTV2, a show where music bands perform live.

Rep. Image Link: ... any-11.jpg

National Image Link:
Location: Ishida Kai, Renagawa
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Re: AINVision Neu Westfalen | Domestic Representatives

Post by Nanami » May 11th 2014, 7:40 am

greg u use my avatar... :P


Representative: Mizuki Watanabe
Background: Mizuki Watanabe is an idol and Nakamaese pop singer as also a notable member of KSI48 music group from Shinkyo. Born on 10 July 1994 in Watanabe Prefecture and currently live in Kashiwa, Shinkyo. She also known as the voice cast of several anime from Nakama.

Rep. Image Link: ... tanabe.jpg

National Image Link: ... tion_1.jpg
Location: Suzuya-ku, Shinkyō-to (鈴谷区、新京都)
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Re: AINVision Neu Westfalen | Domestic Representatives

Post by daTS » May 12th 2014, 9:51 pm

Representative: Tiffany Snow

Background: Tiffany Snow's real name is Duchess Tiffany McTavish of the Province of Serenity. She was born on the 23rd of April in 1990 at the Northfire Palace in the Serenity mountains to her parents Angela and Angus McTavish. She hails from House McTavish of the Kingdom of Illium, and has gained international fandom as a songstress/actress under the name Tiffany Snow. Snow has starred many successful films such as the critically acclaimed Helios Chronicles trilogy and the Silver Sun original series on the Illium Drama Channel.

Snow is also an accomplished musical artist. She released her second studio album, Dark Temptations, last year, and hit the Oceania top 40 charts quickly thereafter. Her first album, The Edge of Night, also went double platinum.

Snow began singing when she was 12, and won the 75th Annual Illium's Got Talent at the age of 20. Tiffany Snow is a role model to young girls throughout the Kingdom as she's known for her outstanding morals and distaste for the drugs/alcohol scene that so often consumes those with Fame (many experts believe this is due to her being born to Illium Nobility). She just recently finished her first world tour, and currently resides in Thessia City in the Helios Province.

Image Link: Tiffany Snow

Location Image Link: thessiacity_516.jpg

Location: Thessia City, Helios Province, the Kingdom of Illium
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Re: AINVision Neu Westfalen | Domestic Representatives

Post by Kevin » May 28th 2014, 10:36 am

Representative: Leanne Rothesmann

Background: Born and raised in Lanaya, Lenna is one of the foremost Lanayan television personalities to have made major inroads into English-dominated Corraile, gaining initial success in several Lanayan programmes before moving over proper to English productions. She is currently the host of Sing! on CBN.

Image Link: ... 600101.jpg

Image Link: ... 67795c.jpg

Location: Centreburg, Corraile
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Re: AINVision Neu Westfalen | Domestic Representatives

Post by IRE505 » May 30th 2014, 8:11 pm

Representative: Monica Carr
Background: Born in Leeonia, she moved to Ireland to work as a teen actress on RTÉ's children shows. In later years she moved back to Leeonia and is currently Presenter to Leeonia's top viewed talk shows.
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Image Link:
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Re: AINVision Neu Westfalen | Domestic Representatives

Post by InvaderNat » June 10th 2014, 11:45 am

I still need representatives from the Atlantic Federation & Escambia please.
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