[Press Release] INSC L.O.K.I. System

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Re: [Press Release] INSC L.O.K.I. System

Post by InvaderNat » November 12th 2016, 1:47 am

IRE505 wrote:I think this is kind of cool TBH. I'm not totally for it, partly because of some the reasons Nat suggested: the costing and the lack of outcry from the population spring to mind. It would be interesting to add dissent not only from AIN but within a divide between Illium. Pro-Military v Anti-Military :lol:
Then again maybe some investigations have to be done to see how brainwashed the populace is... :D
Agreed, the large cost and the population's backlash (from at least part of Illium) should be taken into account.
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Re: [Press Release] INSC L.O.K.I. System

Post by daTS » November 12th 2016, 3:20 am

Announcement to all members

After an incident that is currently under investigation during this morning's test demonstration, the LOKI system has been brought offline indefinitely.

For more details, please direct yourself to Phoenix News International.

Jason Boudreau
Director of the INC
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