Charta of Freedom and AIN Court of Human Rights

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Re: Charta of Freedom and AIN Court of Human Rights

Post by jmsepe » October 20th 2016, 9:38 pm

I don't think creating an AIN Court for Human Rights is a terribly bad thing. Provided that a sufficiently vague and workable constitution/framework for an institution can be created, it can be feasible. However, violations against human rights can be classified into two main categories: criminal and civilian cases. I don't think AIN has jurisdiction over civilian cases as they are mostly bounded to laws defined by national states. On the other hand, criminal cases is different story can be prosecuted in an international court. Hence the reason for why we have an International Criminal Court in the first place. I suggest that if we are to push in this direction for the alliance then perhaps the best alternative is to establish an International Criminal Court or other names might suffice with similar functions to that in RL ICC. It's a challenge and but this is how international politics work. We must almost strike a balance between how much sovereignty can states sacrifice to participate in an international ploy of relations and yet at the same time have sufficient enough which will allow the states to carry out an optimal function towards it ethos.
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