Illium-led Alliance Active Military Operations against ISIS

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Re: Illium-led Alliance Active Military Operations against ISIS

Postby Zack » November 19th 2015, 6:01 am

jmsepe wrote:If you don't mind me asking how does AIN Security Council work?

It doesn't. The Security Council was disbanded and replaced with the General Assembly, which doesn't work anything like the old organization.
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Re: Illium-led Alliance Active Military Operations against ISIS

Postby Agunter999 » November 21st 2015, 9:55 pm

Following the attacks on Freigan soil earlier today Freiga will confirm its participation in the Alliance military involvement in against IS. Freiga since the attack has decided a redeployment of assets to best serve the interests of Freiga which involved the greater independence of Freigan combat forces including those already deployed military advisors and combat units. However in keeping with its binding to the AIN Freiga offers at the disposal of the mission commanders a special forces unit, (2nd Ommenlanden Jagers), 2 fully manned frigates and 3 logistical ships. The soldiers will be fully supplied by the Freigan Military however all command is turned over to Mission leader.

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