Brivido - Moritz Craftmenship since 1966

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Brivido - Moritz Craftmenship since 1966

Post by Amerikaner » June 14th 2013, 11:52 am

[centre]Brivido is a luxury Moritz car-maker located in Augsburg, Lorraine that is co-owned by the House of Krämer and several Aristocratic families. The company was founded in Vercelli by Mario Brivido in 1966, but bought by the current owners and moved to Moritz in 1973. The company employees around 1,500 people who hand make each car with the assistance of robotics. Currently the company produces two sedans (G-class and M8-Class) starting each at about 300,000$ and 200,000$ respectively, and a luxury SUV (L-class) which starts at 125,000$. The company unveiled the G-class Marti in 2009, a longer version of the G-Glass that is built specifically with a chauffeur driver in mind.

Brivido is able to produce around 200 cars every year, selling about 100 L-class, 50 M8-class, and 50 to 60 G class cars. The company specifically keeps this number low to keep demand high for the cars, and currently the entire stock is sold out until 2015-2016. Cars are updated yearly, and unlike other dealers where you place an order based on year, Brivido customers simply state the car and custom features not the year. If the order was placed in 2006 and given in 2009, the car would be a 2009, not a 2006 (If that makes sense, therefore when you receive your car you are getting the most updated version yet).




[centre]First built in 1966, the G-class is currently the longest running class from Brivido in its history. The car has been the staple of Brivido design and luxury, and has driven Emperors, Kings and Queens, Dukes and Duchess, and numerous wealthy individuals around the world. There are currently three different type's of G-class vehicles -

Hybrid G-class
Luxury G-class
Sport G-class

The Sport class starts at around 300,000$, the Hybrid class being the most expensive at around 400,000$.

G-Class Marti[/centre]


Unveiled in late 2009, the new G-class Marti is the newest car in the Brivido fleet. The car sells for just under 900,000$, and is sold in two different configurations -

Hybrid G-Class Marti
Luxury G-Class Marti

The company plans on producing anywhere from 10 to 15 cars per year, and orders have been coming in since late 2007 when the car was first shown. The Marti was designed specifically to carry its passengers instead of be driven by them, and has become a new symbol of wealth not only in Moritz but around the world.

There are a few specifications that you can ask for if you are interested in purchasing a Marti class (for both the luxury and hybrid), namely -

- There are three possible roof types for the backseat area -

1. - Convertible - Seen in the picture above, has a canvas (can not be made bullet proof) roof that is retractable from both the front and backseats.

2. - Hardtop roof - The most viable for diplomats and officials using the car as a mode of transportation. The car is bullet proof, and while it cannot stop an explosion from causing injury, can prevent death in some of those instances.

3. Plexiglass roof - Best for officials using the car for parades, official trips, state tours and such. This can also be made bulletproof, but allows for paparazzi and others to have a full view of the backseat.

- Body armor - Allows for the backseat of the vehicle to be plated in body armor, effectively making the entire vehicle bullet proof. In some instances this can also protect from explosions at farther distances.



The M8 class is Brivido's first sedan class car made with the driver in mind, as opposed to the passenger. The M8 is currently in it's fourth edition, and second period of manufacturing. This car is only available until the end of 2013 when it will be taken off the market until 2021. There are two different packages for this vehicle -

Luxury M8 class
Sport M8 class



The L class was designed in 2003, and first appeared in early 2005. It is the cheapest car made by Brivido, and also the most popular. There are three different packages for this vehicle -

Luxury L-class
Sport L-class
Supercharged L-class

The Luxury version of the vehicle was introduced in 2007, and includes satellite internet in the backseat as well as television. TV's are positioned in the back of the frontseat headrest, and the car features a 17-inch LCD screen for navigation, radio, and other driver functions. The sport package is for those that wish to off-road in the vehicle and was the first L-class introduced. The supercharged L-Class was first shown in 2008, and is capable of 0-60 in 5.3 seconds, making it one of the fastest SUV's on the planet.

It was announced that in early 2013 that Netflix had signed on with Brivido to provide on demand viewing options on Luxury and Supercharged versions of the vehicle.

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