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Submit Your Clean Cities

Post by IRE505 » June 29th 2014, 12:08 pm

[centre]Submit Your Clean Cities

Hello and welcome to the Submit Your Clean Cities, here you can show off your most environmentally friendly cities, everything can be included, from waste disposal services, transport even the buildings. A template is provided below but is not necessary.


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[b]Name of Nation:[/b]
[b]Name of City:[/b]
[b]Brief History:[/b]
--Images with explanation, what makes it so great?--
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Re: Submit Your Clean Cities

Post by YingBlanc » June 29th 2014, 12:24 pm

Name of Nation: Histalpol
Name of City: St. Fledling (Island)
Brief History:
- Protected Iron-Age Celtic Parkland envelopes most of the island
- Large Biomass fuel power station to be created on St. Fledling Island in project lasting till 2017
- Will stop the use of fossil fuels for power in St. Fledling all together
- Added to an already existing offshore wind farm in the Celtic Sea side of St. Fledling Island
- A Hydroelectic Power station also exists for reserve power when needed when power stations cannot get out enough energy for the area
- St. Fledling Island holds 2 of 4 seats for the Green Shores Ecological Party in Histalpol's Minor Exposition Hall represented current by Michael Smithsson and Holly Carsons

The proposed Biomass Power Plant of St. Fledling Island

Images of the Celtic Coast Park in St. Fledling and one of the few protected heritage castles on the island

(I'll form it into proper paragraphs later x3)
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Re: Submit Your Clean Cities

Post by Charlie » June 30th 2014, 12:06 am

Name of Nation: New Duveland
Name of City: Albury, New Munster
Brief History:
- Government implemented project which installed solar panels on all residential, commercial and government buildings.
- Provides power to the entire city and surrounding farmlands.
- Requires all new buildings to incorporate solar power into the design
- Has become an example of an efficient government policy in reducing carbon emissions
- Other state governments in Tasbury, Leinster, Esperance, Toulon and Cascade have all implemented similar projects, requiring all new buildings to incorporate solar power into the design.

[centre]Residential areas in inner Albury.

Solar power systems on new housing areas on the outskirts of the city.

Newly installed solar power systems on existing residential areas.
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Re: Submit Your Clean Cities

Post by Thomas » June 30th 2014, 12:48 pm

Wow those cities seem almost utopian! :P
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Re: Submit Your Clean Cities

Post by Gregor » June 30th 2014, 5:02 pm

Name of Nation: Okatabawashi
Name of City: Xiding City - OkaCity Suburb


Brief History:

The Compact City or city of short distances is an urban planning and urban design concept, which promotes relatively high residential density with mixed land uses. It is based on an efficient public transport system and has an urban layout which – according to its advocates – encourages walking and cycling, low energy consumption and reduced pollution. A large resident population provides opportunities for social interaction as well as a feeling of safety in numbers and 'eyes on the street'. It is also arguably a more sustainable urban settlement type than urban sprawl because it is less dependent on the car, requiring less (and cheaper per capita) infrastructure provision (Williams 2000, cited in Dempsey 2010).

Achieving a positive compact city does not just mean increasing urban density per se or across all parts of the city. It means good planning to achieve an overall more compact urban form

Governments of sprawling cities can take many actions to seek a more compact form, often also involving higher densities. Other cities, such as Cairo, with large, dense slum areas, are responding by reducing urban densities in core areas. In either case, limiting outward urban expansion can be combined with more efficient use of land resources and more effective protection of natural resources. City growth can be physically limited in this way through legislated urban growth boundaries, non-urban green belts, and the quarantining of development in certain areas.

[quote]A Clean city is not one with solar panels and meaningless trees here and there, those are visual traps used by politicians to lure voters, and social media encourages this stance.

Keith Hwa-Suk, Urbanist at the Okataian AA/quote]

The plan for Xiding emerged in 1996 when the mayor of the Ma-On-Yin prefecture decided to give the go-ahead for this experiment. The idea is to adapt the already dense Okataian cities to this new norm.

_____________ Image Oka City AIN Cultural Capital 2018

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